• Snakebyte Premium Playstation 3 Bluetooth Controller Review

Hey folks, Valkor here back with another round with Sunflex. Last bout we took on the XL+ Wii controller. This round we'll tough it out with the Premium Playstation 3 Bluetooth Controller. As Playstation controllers or better yet PS3 controllers go, I haven't had too much experience with the different varieties out on the market. So it was cool to finally explore my options with this new setup. And while I find that the SnakeByte controller has some quirks, I still think its BETTER than the standard issue.

Snakebyte Premium Playstation 3 Bluetooth Controller

The SnakeByte Premium PS3 Bluetooth Controller, at first glance, is larger than the standard controller and it would appear unwieldy. But don't let that detract you from giving it a go (we'll get into that with the breakdown). Other than the size of the controller, what makes this PS3 controller stand out is the colors on the buttons and the L2/R2 trigger buttons which protrude further out than the standard controller, which brings in some of that Xbox 360 functionality. Another major difference are the two added buttons - one turbo and one clear. Other than that, it's simply a larger PS3 controller. Also included in the package is a ten foot USB cable and two clip-on triggers for your original dualshock controller.

And with that, on with the TOV Breakdown.

The Bang:

Believe it or not, once I got my hands on the SnakeByte's controller, I literally tossed out my standard one. I'm not kidding; the functionality of SnakeByte's controller is unmatched. First of all the controller itself is more ergonomic and it feels more comfortable than the standard dualshock controller. A big plus are the triggers, which have really improved my gaming. The first game I tested with the controller on was Batman Arkham Asylum. With the standard controller, I was able to pull off, at max, maybe a 10 - 12 combo. With SnakeByte, I hit 17, 18, plus combos. I don't know if its the feel of the buttons, but I was killing it. Then I entered Two Worlds II; now in this game, you use the right trigger to attack, which I hate with a passion. I can't stand it! But because the triggers on this controller jut out further than the standard DS, the entire attack process felt way more comfortable. I seriously didn't mind that it was there. Hmmmm... maybe I should dip back into the world of Demon Souls, which also uses the right trigger to attack... Another major plus is the extended USB cable; believe me the added length makes a difference. And since I'm a lazy gamer, I hated having to get up to plug my controller in when it was low on power. Now I not only have enough length to charge up when running low, but I can also continue gaming, which I couldn't do with the original DS cord. Finally I wanna give a nod to SnakeByte for including the clip-on triggers. What I find funny about that is, why would anyone want to use those things when SnakeByte is giving you such an awesome controller. Not for nothin, but I tossed those clips along side the DS. I don't think I'll be needin you anymore.

The Slack:

At first I thought it was an issue with just Batman Arkham, but I experienced this with other games as well; when you start up, the character will walk on his own. It only lasts maybe about a minute. Another, very "slight" issue, which I didn't find to be a hindrance at all, and it may be game specific, was during Two Worlds II, the pause screen would pop up all of a sudden. It doesn't happen very often, maybe once per game. And I couldn't reproduce that effect in any other game. So if anyone should read this and they have had that experience, please make a note in the comment section.

Snakebyte Premium Playstation 3 Bluetooth Controller

I'm not a fan of buying third party controllers, which usually ends up all kinds of bad in my experience. But Sunflex SnakeByte Premium PS3 Bluetooth Controller is a different kind of experience, one that I can really sink my mitts into. Hmmm... three controllers and three passing scores? SnakeByte, you're kinda growin on me. And with that, out of TOV 5 stars, I'm gonna give this PS3 controller a 4.5 and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.