Speck ToughSkin for iPhone 4 Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. While perusing the floor of CES 2011, I had to pay the folks at Speck a visit. And why shouldn't I? They've ran through the Val-Cave more times than Alacran has rifling through my tech drawer. (And it's rare I let any man rifle through my drawers... ahem). But no matter how hard I try, I can't win against Speck, and the same bodes true for their latest case - The ToughSkin for the iPhone 4.

Speck ToughSkin for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 ToughSkin gives you the power of a rubber outside and the strength of a hard texture interior giving your smartphone the perfect housing for folks constantly on the move or working in somewhat extreme conditions. I don't think any company can offer 100% guaranteed protection right? The ToughSkin comes in two parts - first there's the case and second is the clip. The exterior of the case has a grip outer lining, giving you no-slip capability - sweaty hands ain't got nothin on this baby. The case can be placed facing forward or reversed when inserted into the clip. When facing inwards, there's just enough room between the case and clip so that it won't scratch the screen in case you want the screen facing in. But in any case, the ToughSkin comes with a removable screen protector, if you're really worried about scratches, so it all comes down to a personal preference on how you want to handle your phone or what the situation is that you'll need to apply the protector. Finally the clip doubles a stand and while attached to the belt, the case can rotate a full 360 degrees.

Now I personally don't own an iPhone 4 or an i-anything for that matter. So after giving the ToughSkin the once over in the cave, I had to seek out an iPhone 4 user and get some serious hands on. Here are the results.

Speck ToughSkin for iPhone 4

The Bang:

Though I didn't get to drop the phone (which would have been fun… well for me, not the owner), I will confirm that yes the ToughSkin does make for one hell of a case. It's soft yet durable enough to handle minor bumps and scraps, and because the iPhone 4 screen is made of glass, you have even less worry about cracks and scrapes thanks to the option of turning the phone inward or using the screen protector. The grips on the outside complete the package, making the ToughSkin easy to grab onto, sweaty hands be damned. The clip pulling double duty as a stand works well for those at the office or working from home.

Speck ToughSkin for iPhone 4

The Slack:


Speck ToughSkin for iPhone 4

So Speck, you have defeated Val-Cave testing once again. But one day... your uppence will come. Until then, all you iPhone 4 users listen up and listen well, the ToughSkin is a shell of a hit and offers great protection for your cherished smartphone. I'll be shopping for a smartphone come Feb. and should the iPhone 4 win overall, I know I can look to Speck to handle all my case needs. Out of TOV 5 stars, I give the ToughSkin a 4.5 and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.

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