• Stoik Imagic5 Review

I have tons of pictures; some of them aren't so great and need a little something extra. Well the guys over at Stuffit introduce me to Stoik Imagic5 stating this can help. It's easy to use video/picture repair and enhancement software and I found this program especially useful if you have camera phone media. We all know camera phones are great in a bind but sometimes drop the ball when you need it most.

Stoik Imagic5

Download and set up was easy, it took about 20 minutes and you're done. Once open, on the left hand side there is a browser which allows you to sort out movies and pictures. You can search and view at the same time then pick a picture and start editing with the task panel. The top panel has a large variety of features to resize, crop, change canvas size, flip, rotate and change the horizon. This doesn't include all the features with color adjustment that adjust exposure compensation, red eye, retouch brush and lens correction among quite a few others. If color adjustment isn't enough for you there are effects which can deform, add artistic effects, make calendars, and even make jigsaw puzzles out of them. The Video Editor works just the same; pick a movie and go from there. You can add more media to it, add narration, add transitions, adjust the color and brightness, and add text, animation and just so much more. Believe me I am being very brief, but this software allow you to change pictures and movies in a variety of ways that people might mistake you for a professional.

Stoik Imagic5

Aside from the basic photo/video filter there is a pretty easy picture interface: Open – Print – Email – Rotate L/R 90 deg. - Delete - Refresh - Slideshow - Play Audio – Picture resize – Change view – Add to basket – View basket. Now, I wanted to touch a little more in depth the following features the Improvement Wizard – This feature does a lot of stuff it fixes and enhances colors in one click and if your not completely satisfied with the end result you can adjust it from there or start over differently. Another great feature is the Dark Room - which allows you to adjust temperature, tint, saturation, EV, Shadow which can dramatically change the picture.

The Bang:

It's a great way to bring all your pictures together and very easy to use all you have to do is hit the wizard button and most of the work is done for you. What more can you ask for? It can even produce with more settings than what I have mentioned above.

Stoik Imagic5

The Slack:


Stoik Imagic5

The End:

The Stoik Imagic 5 is literally a universal way to bring all your media together "under one roof". This software does great enhancement and repairs on all your media but It cant do miracles so don't expect it to fix a bad camera guy. I give this a TOV 5 out of 5 for letting me add jokes to my brother graduation video.