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Do you have a product you’d like T.O.V. to review?


Please contact TOV’s senior editors Valkor or Krush. Once they’ve received your email our editors will inform you if it’s within TOV’s scope. Please note we do specialize in new companies, products, and artists and we’ll review just about anything. So the field is wide open.


Once TOV agrees upon reviewing your product, we will provide you with a shipping address and who will be reviewing your product. The writer(s) may contact you for additional information such as a press release, high resolution pics or additional information about the product.


Make note that when you send TOV a product for review, it will be completely straightforward and unbiased review. If we request it, chances are we already like it, but there are no guarantees. However by sending us your product you are agreeing that TOV can say what needs to be said (good or bad) about the product.


Items sent in for review will be used and we do mean used, sometimes by more than one reviewer. Normally most items are returned back to their respective company, however books, CD’s, and other smaller, more personal items are kept. If you wish the item returned, please give the reviewer your shipping info or provide a return label. (Though we’re ok with paying the shipping cost ourselves).


Items are returned within a timely fashion, normally between 2 – 6 weeks. However if we keep an item longer than expected, it is due to elements beyond our control and apologize in advance for any inconvenience our delay may have caused.


Once the review is posted we will send you a link(s) of said review with a score between 1 – 5 stars: 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. Once the review is posted, it’s final and no changes can be made unless the reviewer has stated incorrect data concerning your product. In that case we will make a note that the review has been changed to correct the mistake.


We at TOV know that there are a lot of review websites out there and we appreciate you spending your time on ours.


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