• Supacam CES 2007 Preview

Not sure that’s the name of the company, but we’ll say it is for this piece. Supacam has been on our radar for months as I’ve been trying to get in touch with the company to find out more about this unique digicam. It’s the only 12mp, DVI cam that I am aware of. It takes stills, shoots video and records from DVDs. It comes in two flavors: 1 and 2 gig, plus you can expand upon that with SD cards. The overall design is sound however my initial impression wasn’t all that good. For one thing button placement is a bit confusing, sure everything is labeled nicely, but its awkward to get around. My second gripe is with the OK button. Either my hands are just too big or that button is way too small. When I thought I was hitting the OK button the audio option (just underneath it) kept popping up. Took me awhile to nail it. On the plus side the 2.5 inch screen is sharp, the pictures the device takes look great, and movies that were being played on the device, I was told were recorded from a DVD also looked great. I’m not truly impressed yet, but second times a charm. $328 retail, but they were pushin it as a showfloor special for 299. Not bad, but this is a definite wait and see.