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Hey gang, Valkor here. TOV is not a geek website, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t geeks at heart – hell it’s what brought myself and many of the TOV members together. We all share a love of comics, movies, video games and anime. And since most of us actually, you know, work real jobs together, we do nothing but have geek-related conversations… unless it’s about women. Ahem. But getting back on topic, TOVer Epic-1 introduced me to this website that makes these amazing leather jackets. And I thought, why not give them a feature and share it with you guys? Check it out, it’s “The Jacket Maker”.

The Jacket Maker

Taken from the blog for The Jacket maker: The Jacket Maker loves designing distinct Leather Jackets for you. We have passion for making leather jackets. We have two major types of Jackets; one includes celebrities’ jackets from famous movies & Films. Second category has our very own designs. The major chunk of our collection is Leather Jackets that include both Real Leather Jackets & Faux Leather Jackets. Our jacket collection caters to both Men & Women.

The Jacket Maker

The Jacket Maker website has only been live for a short time, and during that time they’ve made a huge impression not just for the clothing scene, but also geek culture. And staying within the lines of all things geeky, The Jacket Maker has a wide selection of leather jackets that caters to the Fanboys to a select number of comic book properties, with more well on the way. Sure you can use them to show off at a convention, but you can also wear it on the daily, to show off your geek pride. And if you don’t see what you like and you have the extra cash to shell out, you can customize something of your own choosing.

While I can’t speak for the quality of their work, which from appearances does look stunning and topnotch, I can let a representative of The Jacket Maker speak out about the company and some of their efforts

The Jacket Maker


Valkor: Can you give us a little background on The Jacket Maker – how long has the company been around, roughly how many people are employed, is it just an online store or is there also a physical location where jackets can be either viewed and/or purchased?
TJM:The Jacket Maker started back in January 2014 with just 4 people so its been just over 1.5 years, now the company has grown to 15 employees. We are an online store and we do not operate any physical store. We always wanted to cater audience of a certain interest but irrespective of their location that's why from day one we set free shipping world wide.

The Jacket Maker

Valkor: When did the company get into superhero jackets and which jacket was the first?
TJM: Since day one we wanted to do Superhero jackets and costumes and our first jacket was Superman Jacket inspired from Smallville.

Valkor:Which jacket(s) is/are the most popular?
TJM:Our most famous jackets have been the ones inspired from Guardains of Galaxy, Green Hooded Jacket, Bio-Shock Booker Vest and Superman jackets series.

The Jacket Maker

Valkor: What factors goes into creating a leather superhero jacket? Is it based on a current popular franchise, popularity and/or demand?
TJM: If you see our collection its based on many different factors. Which include the characters that we like and obviously demand from our customers. We also give the option to our customers to place custom design order. Customers can share any design with us to get made it. Here is the link to place custom order request.

Valkor: Some jacket designs are kind of obvious in their reference (i.e. Smallville red leather jacket), but some are quite unique (the Green Lantern hooded); where do the designers get their inspiration?
TJM: We are always simply imagining superheroes and jackets. Like we are in the process of making a he-man jacket, though He-Man never wore a jacket. Its raw imagination, and obviously suggestions from the fans.

The Jacket Maker

Valkor: My writer Epic-1 saw you have an amazing superhero jacket lineup, but is there a possibility for a broader selection of villain jackets (i.e. The Joker, Captain Cold, Sinestro, etc)?
TJM: We recently asked our fans about the idea of deep diving into the the Villain line and they seem very excited about the idea. Soon you are going to see addition to this category.

Valkor: Also from Epic-1 – What about a wider female selection?
TJM: Here is the latest addition to our female category.

The Jacket Maker

Valkor: I also see that you do custom designs; does that apply to the superhero jackets as well? What is the strangest request(s) your company has been asked to design?
TJM: Custom order request is a very exciting area for us and we have not restricted it to any category or even material. Besides leather, we accept request for almost all materials. It communicates us what different people are thinking to wear and what characters they love. Regarding the strange jacket, we recently got a custom order request with this reference image.

Valkor: Finally, will we see jackets based on future superhero films such as “Age of Apocalypse”, “Spider-Man” “Batman v. Superman” (additional designs), *cough* Fantastic Four *cough*, The Terminator or “Suicide Squad”?
TJM: Batman v. Superman, The Terminator and Suicide Squad Jackets are already on the website. For the rest, we can't comment on the timeline when would we have it so stay tuned :)

The Jacket Maker

I wanna thank the gang over at The Jacket Maker for taking the time to answer a few questions from us; and if you guys and gals like anything you see on this page and you’re interested in owning your very own Superhero Jacket, just click that logo on the right from this line up and much, much more.

Jackets listed in order of appearance (starting from the 3rd image): Batman vs. Superman Maroon, Avengers Hawkeye Vest, Bucky Barnes w/silver sleeve, Deadpool red leather, Dick Grayson Nightwing jack with blue lining, Green Lantern hooded jacket, Red Lightning jacket, Superman Beyond, Superman Black and White, X-Men Wolverine brown leather, Captain America Easy Rider, Scarlet Witch maroon.

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