The Keeper DVD Review

It's your friendly neighborhood reporter Epic-1!!! My fellow Epicians, awhile back I reviewed a Steven Seagal movie called "Against the Dark" and I asked, "Ok first of all what happened to Steven Seagal? I remember watching him growing up using his hands to mess people up, now he uses a sword and gun." Well my friends he must have read my review because in The Keeper he does exactly that.

The Keeper

The Keeper starts off basic with Roland (Steven Seagal) and his partner Trevor (Brian Keith Gamble) making a bust where there was a lot of money. Trevor gets greedy and shoots Roland, thinking he's dead and he got away with it. We see the ambulance arrive and they tell Trevor that Roland will hopefully survive. Later we see Trevor going to kill him at the hospital but Roland, who was visited by his niece Regina (Trine Christensen), takes her gun out of her bag and shoots Trevor before he could kill Roland. Roland goes home and is trying to get better to go back to work when he receives a letter saying that he will be put on early retirement. At that moment he receives a call from an old friend, Conner Wells (Stephan Duvall), who wants him to come to Texas to work for him. The job Conner has in mind is protecting his daughter Nikita (Liezl Carstens) and making his property more protected. Nikita is a typical party girl and her boyfriend is this up and coming boxer named Mason (Arron Shiver), which we find out that he's not all what is cracked up to be (surprise surprise). While this is going on we find out that Connor use to be in business with a criminal named Jason Cross (Luce Rains) and that he wants some land that Connor has, so he kidnaps Nikita and now it's Roland's job to get her back. So Roland enlists the help of two Mexican brothers, whose sister Rosita (Kisha Sierra) he had helped earlier from Cross's men and their cousin, Conner's driver Manuelo (Johnnie Hector). There are a bunch of fight scenes, naked women, explosions, and action to fulfill every man's needs. The ending of the movie is great with Roland vs. Cross's top henchman, Tory Harris (Ed Lottimer), going hand to hand combat and I won't ruin the finish but all I have to say is that it is cut "THROAT".

The Keeper

The Good

Thank you God!!! Steven Seagal did the right thing going back to his roots and doing what he does best - beating people up with his hands and feet. Yes he did use his gun and his knife one or two times but the fight scenes came down to him and his hands. The storyline is basic but very interesting, it will not bore you. The ending is just WOW!!! If you love Seagal flicks back in the day this will bring back those good memories.

The Keeper

The Bad

The bad was just some basic things like when they were rushing him down to the ER a paper fell off the bed and the lighting in the club got too dark at certain points.

The Keeper

The Ugly


The Keeper

So in conclusion, Against the Dark sucks and The Keeper kicks ass, so go get this DVD and enjoy some old school Steven Seagal. The Keeper receives 4 out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!

Peace up out!!!!

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