• The Goods Movie Review

I’m BACK!!! That is right I am Epic-1 and I am your friendly neighborhood film reporter and I am back this time with The Goods. The movie starts off with Ben Selleck (James Brolin) calling in a weekend warrior for the 4th of July weekend to help him sell off cars at his lot. The weekend warrior is Don “The Goods” Ready (Jeremy Piven) and his group: Jibby Newsome (Ving Rhames) a man who never made love to another woman had a lot of sex; he had threesomes, foursomes, and so on but never made love (lol), Brent Gage (David Koechner) the numbers man who throughout the whole movie has Ben Selleck trying to get into his pants (lol lol) and last but not least we have Babs Merrick (Kathryn Hahn) who tries to seduce a 10 yr old boy in a man’s body to have sex with her (lol lol lol). These four come in and help Selleck stay in business of course there are ups and downs but Don Ready always knows what to do. My favorite characters have to be DJ Request (Craig Robinson) and Teddy Dang (Dr. Ken Jeong) these two steal the show throughout the movie they are hilarious.

The Good

The good about this movie is that it will keep you interested and it’s funny; Dr. Ken and Craig Robinson are hilarious in their parts. The movie will have you saying quotes from it all day, if not, all week (SELL THE METAL!!!!).

The Bad

Now the thing about The Goods is movie once you finish it you will say it could’ve been much funnier. The cast the film has are all funny people and it felt like they were trying too hard, but they don’t have too. Even Ving Rhames is funnier than this movie portrays; we know we saw it in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

The Ugly

Unfortunately, the movie is not going to be a movie you want to go see over and over again. One time is good for me and it will probably be good for you.

So in conclusion, YES go see this movie but be prepared to not see it again but I feel that this movie brought “The Goods” but it didn’t bring the great. I’m giving it 3.5 stars out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!