Tomboys DVD Review

Epic-1 your friendly neighborhood reporter here!!! First let me start by saying hello to all my fellow Epicians (my fans lol). Ok, now on to business. I got the chance to see probably one of the sickest movies I've ever seen in TomBoys. The movie starts off with two girls pulling something into a barn. We learn that their names are Kat (Candice Day) and Naomi (Naomi Davis). We then find out what they are pulling into a barn; a person with their head covered. As they hang him from some kind of hook, we see blood and two more girls enter the scene, Emily (Sash Milne) and Imogen (Allie Hall). So we discover that this guy is a rapist and they want to get revenge, so Kat pulls out his dick, spits on it, and starts to masturbate him a while. Meanwhile, Naomi sharpens a knife and hands it to Kat, which is when the last girl, Crystal, enters the scene (Sarah Hill). She nods at Kat and Kat proceeds to cut his dick off. (OWWWW!!!!) Crystal realizes, while the guy is dying that he's wearing a blue shirt and says that it's the wrong person. They unmask him to realize it is Justin (Fabian Lapham) the x-boyfriend of Imogen. We also learn that the killing, in their words, was ok because Justin had raped Emily on her birthday. Kat decides that she must go back to the party that they were at and get the right guy. Some things happen in between and we see Kat come back with the right guy, Kyle (Daniel Rankin). They tie him up and put him on the hook. We find out that earlier Crystal was at a different party and was being raped. The guy asked if she had a disease, she answers yes, so he could stop. But it backfires and he decides to have anal sex with her. So the guy of course is Kyle and while he is hanging, Crystal pulls out a strap-on and gives him some of his own medicine (OWWWW!!!!). We find out why Kat wants revenge and decides to get back him so he can feel the pain every time he has sex. She takes a blowtorch and burns his dick (OWWWW!!!!). Imogen feels this is bad, so she escapes the barn and calls the cops. Cops show up and… the ending will keep you saying what the hell?


The Good:

The good of this movie is that the storyline is something I have never seen before; it is definitely original. The actresses are also good in their portrayals.


The Bad

The bad is all the things that happen to these guys. I know they are rapist and they deserve to be dealt with, but call the law. (OWWWW!!!!)


The Ugly

The ending is definitely something lackluster. I was expecting a big shootout or something.


So in conclusion, this movie will have you saying (OWWWW!!!!) but it's good. I am giving the movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars and it has been unfortunately (OWWWW!!!!) Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!


Peace up out!!!


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