TOMEE SNES USB Controller Review

Straight from the DDR Games Booth at the 2010 Toy Fair, arrives a Retro USB Controllers for use on any PC or Mac. It's a combination of Retro-gaming and Modern technology that brings you an up-to date multipurpose controller with a classic touch. I tested it out on a few pc games and had a great time. Just as fast as you plug it in you can start playing. It come with the familiar cross directional pad and the typical A-B-X-Y, top L-R, and Start/Select buttons. Put all these things together you have a gaming experience just like the original, right on your PC. As an add bonus when you realize that you remember where every button is, you will have reached "Gaming Nostalgia Heaven".

The Bang:

No drivers required, straight plug and play on Windows or Mac. I like that it has an original feel to it and it will play right away with little to no configuration. If you're playing on a laptop the wire has enough length for you to sit comfortably while also being light weight and compact enough to fit in your bag. The controller works just fine with any PC/MAC game that requires a controller but, I decided not to use it on another system for I considered it sacrilege.

The Slack:

Probably just me, even though it came with a 5ft cable I needed an extra 3 feet for my desktop.

The Ugly:

It will not run on anything prior to Windows 98 SE, if there is anyone out there still running 98, I can assure you this is the least of your problems.

I felt sweet nostalgia picking up the Tomee SNES USB Controller and handing out some whoopin' on a few favorite fighting games. The Configuration actually made game play much easier for me, since, I remember exactly where everything is, making it a big reason why I like this over a generic controller. I also used a few types of gaming software and they all worked fine with the USB controller. If you like having that personal touch to your game play The SNES USB Controller runs about $24.99. Also, I like the unique attention it draws, while I was playing with it on my laptop (on break at work) and I had a few people ask, "Wow, where did you get that? It's really cool." The guys over at Hyperkin have a wide variety of Retro Gaming Controllers and I can't wait to kick butt on their other USB controller models. I give it a TOV 5 out of 5 for helping me kick ass and takes names.