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The Other View is an online entertainment website where we provide fair, straightforward reviews and opinions on a wide range of products including movies, video games and the latest in technologies. Our major demographic ranges are males 18 – 45, however we have some female viewers and anyone from any where in the world can enjoy our reviews and opinions and interact accordingly. Below you'll find the TOV review crew and contact information, in which we're ready to answer any questions, comments, concerns or events which your company would like coverage.



Terry “Valkor” Lewis
TOV Founder/Creator & Executive Editor
Email: valkor@the-other-view.com


Erik "Alacran" Alvia
Tech Editor/Writer
Email: alacran@the-other-view.com


Avion "Blackice" Foster-Jarvis
Gaming Editor/Writer
Email: blackice@the-other-view.com


Tim "Magus" Torres
Gaming/Media Writer
Email: magus@the-other-view.com


Norlen "Muramasa" Perez
Events Coordinator/technical assistant

TOV Contributors:

Articles written by contributors are the sole property of The Other View and kept online with the respect to the companies they reflect. Contributors do not represent TOV under any capacity unless with permission from TOV's Executive Editor. Thank you.

  • Zoe H - AfterDark
  • Sean A - Digispa
  • John DL - JDL
  • John J - Sentroid91
  • Fabien S - Epic-1
  • Neal G - Ace
  • Jose S - AP3X?Simon Says
  • Jerry - Wildstar