• Rubiks Cube Triple Review

Every one remembers the classic Rubik's Cube, a large six sided cube made up for 27 smaller cubes originally: White, blue, red, green, orange and, yellow and It was invented in 1974 by Hungarian professor Erno Rubik. Well The Rubik's Revolution, Rubik's Touch Cube and their latest Rubik's Slide Techno source introduced me to a few new versions based on that original puzzle.

First we come to July 2007, Rubik's Revolution for ages 5 to 105. It's a Rubik's cube with out any moving parts, what makes this unique is that the center of each side has an LED button matching the color of that side. It can be played multiplayer or for single use. It also saves your high score and if you leave it alone for a min it will auto shut off. Another basic function Volume; the yellow and silver buttons will make the Volume higher or low.

Game play involves pressing the buttons when they light up, or when directed to by the game's recorded voice. When you start the Rubik's Revolution it will give you 6 game options each corresponding to the button it lights up to and a female voice giving you the name.

  • Blue – Light Speed, find which button is lit and press it. Easy at first but this gets going pretty fast.
  • Green – Pattern Panic, follow the lights in order repeating the sequence as it get longer and longer.
  • Orange - Code Cracker, you have to find the right sequence to light up all the buttons any errors and you have to start over.
  • Yellow – Rapid Recharge, how fast you can keep the different sides lit up by repeatedly hitting the buttons. This one is really tough.
  • Silver – Cube Catcher, Turn off the buttons as they come on, if you hit a unlit button it will buzz, If you do better than 70% you advance to the next level.
  • Red – Multiplayer madness, Think of it as digital hot potato, its really fun in a group of 3 or more.

The Good: They made the on/off switch so it wouldn't get in the way. It's great if you wanna build up hand eye coordination. Changing the battery isn't that hard. I though it was going to be a science project but, it was a quick and easy to change the 3 AAA's. Excellent for drinking games too!

The Bad: It's more of an observation, not bad; it's just a puzzle box that's shaped like a Rubik's cube.

Rubik Touch cube

It's a hi-tech Rubik's cube for our time; a touch sensitive puzzle with no parts. While it's turned off, it looks like an all white Rubik's, but when you turn it on it's all the original colors of the 80's cube. The major difference is that it's completely electronic and it has touch sensors - you slide your fingers across to move your piece and it makes the sound similar to the original. The volume controls work as a slide function, you press the speaker button then run your hand Clockwise/counter-clockwise to raise or lower it. You even get the option of using modern sounds or the classic gear sound. It will tell you your battery is low by flashing red.

The 6 sides of this Touch Cube have different functions:

  • Green – Holding this down for 1.5 sec turns it on.
  • Yellow - Double tap will scramble it up for you.
  • Red – Double tap will show you a hint for the next move.
  • Orange – Double tap will undo your last move.
  • White – Volume control.
  • Blue – Double tap will solve the puzzle for you.

The Good: It looks great and the display stand acts also as the charger. It's bright enough to play in the dark even on the stand alone it looks great. The center buttons helped out a lot when solving the next move. I liked the attention it got, with all the bright colors everyone knows what it is and wonders where it came from. It's really sturdy I accidently dropped it and it continued working.

The bad: I have "Fat Finger Frustration" I kept sliding my hand on the edges by accident and making more moves than I intended to. I did get a little better at it but I had to be really careful.

Rubik's Slide

The latest in the Rubik's cube is the Rubik slide based on one side of the Rubik cube, 9 cut boxes light up to make a puzzle based on rearranging the lit red and blue squares to meet the solution. You get two forms of game play endless and time trial with 3 different levels easy medium, and hard, which you choose by pushing up on the bottom slider.

The actual function to solve is to push up/down/left/right; this added with the twist in either direction to move the lit boxes to the right place. You have two buttons on the side which in both modes show you the goal or reset that puzzle. The same buttons control your volume when not in game mode.

The Good: The Rubik's Slide is very portable and it will fit right in your pocket. The game play is so easy; it takes about 30 seconds to figure out how it works. It's the puzzles that are the only things that get harder. I like it because you can literally turn it on and your playing.

The Bad: N/A

Techno Source has brought new life to the Rubik's cube in the last few years. I have enjoyed playing with each one. I think they got the right idea with I really wonder what will they come up with next. The Rubik slide was very enjoyable just for the fact that I can slide it in a pocket and wouldn't take up that much room. It has many puzzles and I just got very involved. Honestly, all three: The Rubik's Revolution, The Rubik's TouchCube, and the Rubik's Slide are so unique that you can own all three and not get bored. Out of TOV 5 stars, I give all three Rubiks 4.5 stars.