Trojan Innovations @ CES 2011

Hey folks, Valkor here. And we're about to get all kinds of nasty up on TOV today. This article is late as it was supposed to be a post CES 2011 piece. But after all the craziness that I dealt with post show and catching up on some behind the scene stuff, well I nearly forgot about it. But I'm gonna make it happen and give PerfectView a Trojan treat. Yes the folks from Trojan Condoms were on the CES floor, and they took nearly everyone who went past their booth, both at Pepcom and the main floor, by surprise.

I think the big question that was on everyone's mind, and you may ask it now is: What was Trojan doing at a tech show? The first answer to that was answered by the rep who stated they were showing off (and giving away) "software" to protect your "hardware" (play on words - I love it!!). But the next answer would be to show offer their "Trojan Innovations", a lineup of new products that will enhance ones sexual experience. And it's Vegas, the home to all kinds of debauchery; and given all the parties, and even the Adult Entertainment Expo, you'd appreciate the likes of Trojan who were also handing out free condoms to all the passerbys. Better to not take home that itch... you can't scratch!

Trojan Innovations

So what was on the menu? First up, fans of the Magnum lineup, who want the feeling of "ecstasy", can now slip their enlogated parts into "Magnum Ecstasy", which is based on the Ecstasy line, which include "for his or her pleasure" line, but the Magnum's aren't his or her, just ecstasy. And just when you thought condoms couldn't get any thinner, freakin Trojan turns out the "Bareskins", which are supposed to be the thinnest condom ever. The Val-man has a box and I hope I can put it to good use before they expire.

Trojan Innovations

Staying with ecstasy, we have Ecstasy Fire and Ice condoms, which are currently on the market and I'm sure you've seen the ads (if not, one is embeded below). With this set you get the feeling of warming and tingling, enhancing your sexual pleasures. Fire and Ice? That could be a fun night.

Ah but here's the one I love and I think you guys, especially my fellow travelers, will appreciate - Trojan 2Go Condom Cards. What we have are plastic casings containing two condoms, making it easier and less obvious when you're out and about. But why do I mention travelers? With the plastic casings, this means we don't have to worry about taking out our wallets when passing through a TSA checkpoint. Though I'd still be mindful of the patdown... especially when the agent gives you that special smile. But hey, worst case scenario, you'll be prepared should the situation take a different turn. Ahem!

Trojan Innovations

Finally, one for the ladies, Trojan is unleashing a slew of vibrators for "her pleasure". This came about after the popularity of the "Vibrating Ring", and now Trojan is going all out. First up we have the Tri-Phoria, which offers 3 interchangable tips, 8 different speeds, and it's waterproof. Next is the Trojan Vibrating Pulse, which only has 6 speeds - 3 regular and 3 pulse, and it's perfect for the lady who likes her bead flipped (and if you don't know the term "flippin the bead", google is your friend). Finally we have the Vibrating Twister. With a twisting handle, this one looks to hit all the right spots, both in and outside the box.

Trojan Innovations

To finish off this piece (pun intended), on the first day I passed by Trojan's booth (on the main CES floor), I was asked to put my card in this bowl to win a vibrator. Now I don't know why I would want that, so I didn't volunteer my card. Yet I recieved a phone call stating that I had won the vibrator (along with some Bareskins). How the hell...? Regardless, it was fun hanging out with Trojan, which was all kinds of funny as people passed by. And it was cool learning about their "innovations". I can't wait to see what Trojan has coming out in the future. Make sure to check out their latest products, most if not all should be available now. And remember - wrap it right and wrap it tight!


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