Tuesday DVD Review

TUESDAY is a heist story, told by the suspects of several bank robberies gone wrong through a series of police interrogations. By coincidence, four thieves called the Cowboys, two bank tellers and an elder gentleman all come up with the idea on their own to rob this bank on the same day. Earp (Philip Glenstar) the leader of the Cowboys, Silver (John Simm) the getaway driver, Butch (Cristian Salimeno) the dumb, I guess muscle of the group, and Billy (Ashley Walters) the one that comes up with the plan of robbing this particular bank, after being in the bank the day before and over hearing the bank manager Mr. Jacobs (Alex MacQueen) talking on the phone with Jerry (Kevin McNally), who is actually the main officer in the movie, telling him that the Meidan-i-Noor, an emerald the size of a fist, will be there on Tuesday, with no real security. Meanwhile, two beautiful bank clerks Angie (Kate Magowan) and Samantha (Kirsty Mitchell) decide that they work for a company that only promotes men and can’t move up anymore, come up with their own plan to rob the same bank by mailing the diamond to themselves. Then we have William (Linal Hoft) a desperate penniless man nearing retirement, has his wife sleeping with his boss and we find out at the end of the movie that he is the brother of Jerry, decides to rob the same bank on the same day. Now Jerry and Thomas (Dylan Brown) must put together unrelated people and clues and determine who really stole the diamond. Now you would think it would be easy but the twist is that the diamond is actually not there, the head of police Jerry, is in the bank and we find out that it wasn’t who they want you to believe stole it until the very end and I wont ruin it for you but it wasn’t the bank robbers.

Tuesday DVD

The Good

The story line is very interesting, and the actors were convincing in their roles.

Tuesday DVD

The Bad

Even though the storyline is interesting it didn’t keep me in the movie cause it was too dispersed, with too many outside stories like Silver and Billy both liking Angie but nothing happened and the story line of William and his wife cheating with the boss. I believe the movie could’ve done a lot better without the outside stories.

Tuesday DVD

The Ugly


So in conclusion, this movie wasn’t bad but wasn’t great; it was good. I’m giving it 3 out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!!!!!

Tuesday DVD

Peace up out!!!!!!!


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