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Hey folks, Valkor here. If someone held a secret of the highest importance, and I'm talking in the matter of life or death, what would you do and how far would you go to get the answers you need? Well the latest flick, presented by Sony Home Entertainment asks that very question. Starring Sam "The Man" Jackson; if he's gonna get that important answer… he'll have to do the "Unthinkable".

Unthinkable Blu Ray Box

Unthinkable puts Sam Jackson in the role of H, former black ops interrogator, who is brought in to help solve the case of an Islamic Extremist named Steven Young (Michael Sheen). Young made a video revealing his plot of placing three nuclear bombs around the United States, which are set to go off in six days (at the start of the movie). The video is shown on ever news channel and the FBI begin looking into it. But then local police pick up Young at a mall. Considering no one knows where the bombs are and Young ain't talking, H is brought in. But not by choice. H has been in hiding for some time, and it's only when his file accidently makes it across the FBI's desk, is placed back on radar. And now that H is involved, he'll do whatever is necessary to break Younger, in order to get him to reveal the location of the bombs.

Unthinkable 2010

Also onboard you have Carrie Anne Moss as Agent Helen Brody, who plays the "good cop" to H's bad cop, but doing so without her knowledge. Brandon Routh makes an appearance as Agent Jackson, though his role is very small. You have Stephen Root who plays Charlie, H's handler and the guy who's keeping H's whereabouts under wraps… until the FBI got a hold of the info. Because H uses torture as his form of interrogation, he's wanted by a bunch of baddies. Finally you have Joshua Harto, who plays Agent Phillips aka Coleman Reese from "The Dark Knight", whose roles seem a bit familiar.

Unthinkable 2010

But learning about H's past, his wife, his family, or the characters who encompass his world is nothing important, again It's all about what's H gonna do?

Let's dig in shall we.

Unthinkable 2010

The Good:

First off Unthinkable, is a psychological thriller of a ride that from the very beginning won't let you go until its climatic ending. The suspense level is off the freakin charts and it's not so much about the bombs, that's small potatoes; It's more like "What's H gonna do to get what he wants?". The pacing of the film is brisk, and flows at a steady pace; you'll have some serious spikes of suspense, but things mellow out in between. Acting wise, this is one of Samuel Jackson's finest roles and it'll probably be one of his most memorable. Jurassic Park, Deep Blue Sea, even Nick Fury, has nothing on H, though the roles might seem similar – Sam plays it cool and plays it loud, but with H, this character is seperated from the pack of other characters because of his unpredictability. it's damn near creepy and way out there! Carrie Anne Moss deserves some kudos for her role as Agent Helen who is forced to make a decision over and over again "should I stop this man?", "why am I letting this happen?", and "can or should I even be a part of this?". You feel sympathetic for her character, because she's just an unwilling pawn in all this. Finally the ending… yea we won't go any further than that.

Unthinkable 2010

The Funny:

Joshua Harto – he's Coleman Reese all over again.

Unthinkable 2010

The Bad:


Unthinkable 2010

The Ugly:

This movie will seriously piss a lot of people off. Because of the subject matter it deals with – muslim extremist, torture (including waterboarding), a bomb exploding in a mall, yea a lot of people who see this film will not be happy with it. Not at all.

Unthinkable 2010

When the time comes and Unthinkable hits the shelves, RUN don't walk to your nearest video retailer and pick this up on either Blu Ray or DVD, because you will be in for a suspenseful, climatic treat of a film that doesn't pull any punches. Out of TOV 5 stars, I give Unthinkable a perfect 5 and it's been Valkor tested and TOV approved.

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