• TOV @ CES Unveiled 2009

Hey folks, Valkor here. In two months I will once again be basking in the glow that is CES. Last year wasn't as exciting, then again a lot of companies backed out last minute, plus the enthusiasm wasn't there. Well things are looking up and though 2009 wasn't the hit that I would have liked, it was still a lot of fun. This past Wednesday I attended this year's CES Unveiled, which was a showcase of a lot of new companies and interesting product, which surprised me because attendance seemed a little small. But through it all, I still walked away with some hot info from companies who have interesting products to showcase.

5 Barz Road Warrior (Cel Lynx) - We've heard it all before: A company comes out with a product that will boost your cellphone signal. Well the reps from 5 Barz seemed rather confident of their product, more so than companies we've met in the past. Basically it's a signal booster, increasing weak signals whether you're driving (driving?? Whoa!), at home, or if you're hanging in your hotel after a long day of CES walkin the floor and you just wanna insure that all your calls get through. Not only does the 5 Barz product offer a boost in signal for talking, but you'll get a data boost as well. This is one product that needs to be seen to be believed and the Val-Cave's doors are open for the challenge.

Firefly (Vestalife) – TOV loves all things audio, and I can attest to that from past reviews. Vestalife looks to not only change what you know about 2.1 audio, but puts it all together in such a nice package that when you see it, you will have to take notice. The Firefly is a 2.1 speaker dock for your iPod or iPhone (it also has a jack for other MP3 players, but you won't be able to charge em). And a huge plus for me: it has a USB port to hook up to your PC or laptop. With the holiday season coming up, I'd consider Vestalife's Firefly as a unique gift idea, which includes the Ladybug II, and the Mantis.

MPro 120 (3M) – Isn't 3M that company that makes office supplies? Imagine my surprise to see them at CES event. Not only were they there but they were toting a very sweet portable projector that looks very, very impressive. I think the press release says it best:

Featuring an integrated flip stand, tripod, stereo speakers and a variety of input cables, the MPro120 is ready to use "out-of-the-box" with a wide range of today's most popular video output gadgets. And, as with its predecessor - the MPro110 - the MPro120 will be the ideal projection solution for laptops and netbooks. Available optional accessories include an adapter cable for Apple® products, component video cable and car charger.

Compared to the WoWwee's Cinemin Stik and Optoma's mini projector, the M120 looks to be a definite contender.

Sennheisser – We've covered Sennheisser in the past and it's been awhile since they've made their presence known in the Val-Cave. But honestly, I already know what solid headphones this company makes from past experience. On the show floor the folks of Sennheisser were showing off quite a few items; the first being the MM 450 Travel Bluetooth headphones. These noise cancelling babies will connect with any Bluetooth enabled device, not only giving you the freedom of not having to deal with wires, but the comfort that you can block out all the craziness either on your commute or you just wanna block out the craziness outside your own home. Next up is the RS170 and the RS180. We've already covered the RS120 which you can read my review [HERE], but what do the new headsets offer? Well they both offer wireless connectivity, but the 170 offers 3D surround sound, and an unsurpassed audio quality. The 180 offers about the same as the 170, but takes it up a notch by offering a wider range (320 as opposed to 260 with the 170), an Automatic Level Control, and an Open Aire design.

I know this is shorter than what I am used to covering, but it's about the quality not the quantity and Unveiled offered up its share of quality and innovative companies. Look for more coverage from these companies and others in the near future, and of course during the big show next year. Jan 2010 can't get here fast enough.