Disney/Pixar Up Movie Review

Hello my name is Epic-1 and I’m reviewing UP (Squirrel!!!!). UP is the newest creation from Disney and Pixar that features an older gentleman named Carl Fredrickson (voiced by Edward Asner) and a young kid named Russell (voiced by Jordan Nagai) that get into an adventure when Carl decides he will keep the promise he made to his deceased wife, Ellie, to move their house to the top of these falls in South America. They run into a talking dog by the name of Dug (voiced by Bob Peterson - Squirrel!!!!) and a crazy bird. Now the bird has Dug’s original master and other dogs after it, and Russell convinces Carl to help the bird out and this gets them into another big mess. Oh yeah did I forget to mention while all this is going on Russell and Carl have the house strapped to them while the house is in the air by balloons? Now I’m not going to go too much into the movie because it will ruin it but the film definitely follows Disney protocol by killing off the lead female (man do these people not have mothers first Bambi’s mom, then Nemo’s and don’t get me started with Ariel and the other princess not having a mother figures. [Valkor’s Note: GOOD CALL!!!! I never noticed that before!!!]) (Squirrel!!!!) and it also follows Pixar’s great carton protocol; I only see greatness for this movie.

Disney/Pixar Up

The Good

Everything! This movie was great from beginning to end; the story line had me tearing in the beginning, laughing throughout, and cheering at the end. The voices are great and Edward Asner leads them off. Dug is hilarious and the running squirrel joke is great. Also I liked the cartoon short that started off the movie with the clouds and storks.

Disney/Pixar Up

The Bad

The bad is definitely the death of Ellie but I guess if it wasn’t for it we wouldn’t had the adventure we did.

Disney/Pixar Up

The Ugly


Disney/Pixar Up

So in conclusion, (Squirrel!!), this movie is a must see for all ages and it is a great family movie. I’m giving UP 5 stars out of 5 and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!!

Peace up out!!!!!! (Squirrel!!!!!)


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