• Ventev Chargesync and Dashport Review

Kingston HyperX Beast Last month Valkor did a press preview from Pepcom's Digital Experience during CES 2013. And he walked away with quite a few products, some of which have made their way to my desk. This round we're taking a look at a couple of products from Ventev - the Dashport R1200 Mini Universal Charger and the ChargeSync Micro USB cable.

Ventev Chargesync/Dashport

The Dashport R1200 is a slim Universal charger that plugs directly into your car's cigarette lighter and it's very compact. At first I thought it would get stuck in the cigarette lighter but that didn't happen. Once its plugged in, there's a tiny green led light indicating your good to charge and it'll charge just about any portable device so long as you have a USB cable. The ChargeSync is 3.3ft flat, silicone based cable that can connect with the Dashport or any USB outlet. The specific design keeps it from tangling and you can use the cable not just for charging your device but also syncing (for photos, movies, music, etc). Apple users (minus iPhone 5) need not worry as Ventev also has a 30 pin cable that offer up the same features. Finally each of the cables comes in a variety of colors, so you can get the color you like or buy multiple and use the one that suits your mood. When I'm on the road both items easily slips into the small pocket of my bag and when I need them, the tangle free cord does its job – no more weeding through a rat's nest of wires.

On the Ventev website (link to the right), there's other options to choose from such as the Dual (r2200)charging ports and if you like your USB port illuminated you can grab the 2100c (single) or the 2100 (Double). All ports are 5V, 21A and have a rapid charge function and prices varied from 20-35 bucks depending on the model.

Ventev Chargesync/Dashport

The Bang

Ventev serves up some serious theft-proof packaging; took Valkor and I about 3 Min to figure out how to get Dashport out of the box. When it comes to the ChargeSync, I really think the tangle proof wire should become a standard and I love that silicone feel. And the Tangle-proof cord really is tangle-proof. I can wind it up, put it in my pocket, and easily uncoil for use. The Dashport charges far better than expected; rapid-charge indeed, on my 45 min car ride from work to home I went from 0% to 40%, which has been consistent 15 Days straight. I want nothing to do with my old charger now that I have the Dashport & Chargesync combo.

The Slack

My only negative is the Dashport, which is very small and it moves around quite a bit in the cigarette lighter port. I just had to make sure all the contacts were touching and after that, it was fine. I also would like to see more colors for the Dashport themselves maybe not as many as the cable but a small variety wouldn't hurt.

Ventev Chargesync/Dashport

Ventev has a variety of models for your charging needs either at home or in the car, from single USBs to a utility charger with an arsenal of attachments. This isn't your "no-name brand-2 buck-let's see how long this works" charging equipment. Singling out the Chargesync and the Dashport, they're the one to punch that's just what the doctor ordered – compact and tangle-free? Sign me up! And out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving the Dashport charger and the Chargesync cable a combined score of 4.5.