• Wonder Woman DVD Review

Comic Movie Makers Pay Attention!!!!!! This is how you do a comic book movie right.

Wonder Woman DVD

I’m talking about Warner Brothers’ latest DCAU (DC animated universe) film Wonder Woman. The film is produced by longtime DCAU production god Bruce Timm so you know it’s gold before you even take the cellophane off the DVD/Blu-Ray. Directing the woman with the sexiest costume ever is Lauren Montgomery, who also directed the second act of Superman: Doomsday.

Wonder Woman DVD

The film opens with the Amazons at war. Queen Hippolyta leads the Amazons against the mythical creatures and the mad warriors of Ares the God of War. After the Queen defeats Ares and is about to hand him his ass back, Zeus interrupts and prevents Hippolyta from finishing off his son. In compensation, and to appease them, the Amazons are given a mystical Island away from and hidden from the world of man. In addition, Ares is bound with bracers that cut him off from his power source and placed in the care of the Amazons, who will be immortal, as their prisoner.

Centuries later Fighter pilot Steve Trevor (voiced by Nathan Fillion) is shot down in a dogfight with enemy fighters, and crash lands on Themyscira (the Amazon island). Hippolyta the Queen of the Amazons decides Steve should be returned to his home. However, as the world of man is devious, untrustworthy, and generally icky in the view of Amazons only the best Amazon can go forth and represent them. Diana (voiced by Keri Russell), Hippolyta's daughter, wants to go of course, but mommy Hippolyta ain't having that and assigns her to guard duty over Ares, while the various contests take place to determine who the best of the Amazons is. Diana's scholarly friend Alexa volunteers to do her guard duty so that Diana can secretly compete. Diana wins duh! Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, Ares being a man and obviously dastardly has managed to escape through deception and trickery. Muah ha ha! Now, Diana must return Steve to the world of man and with his aid find and capture Ares.

Wonder Woman DVD

The Good:

-Plot. This is an origin movie, but even so, the origin is told quickly and concise and doesn't impede or slow down the movie at all. The story is obviously based on George Perez's reboot of the Wonder Woman character. It does an awesome job of giving us an origin story that doesn't slow us down with character, motivations, and backstory so we can get to the action. However, it also gives us enough character, motivation, and backstory that we can really get into these characters, like them, and understand where they're coming from. This isn't just good writing for a comic book movie its good writing period. Kudos to Gail Simone and Michael Jelenic the writers of this fantastic film. Writers tend to usually sacrifice one thing for the other, especially in the case of comic book movies to give us more action. Admittedly it's a comic book movie so you want plenty of action, but it shouldn't come at the expense of everything else. Again, people looking to make comic book movies in the future pay attention to this film closely.

-This American made animated film about a comic book hero is not what you'd expect at all. Really, I was shocked at the violence and maturity level of this film. Not that it's too much, just that American animated films tend to treat "cartoons" especially "cartoon about Super Heroes" with kiddy gloves. This didn't happen at all. The fighting got downright brutal at times. It never went overboard, but it was unexpected. Imagine a sword in a cartoon actually cutting shit. In an American produced cartoon??!! Blasphemy!!! But they did it, and bless them for doing it.

-Voice action and characterization was spot on. Keri Russell did a fantastic job of playing a woman who has spent her entire life on an island with other women, who is then introduced to the world at large. Nathan Fillion. Awesome. Just awesome. His Steve Trevor comes across as enough of a dick to be believable, but not enough to be a full-fledged asshole. I mean face it if he was like this super pure man dude who just happened to fall on an island of man haters it'd be a real stretch. At the same time, you don't want a colossal ass dropping in on man hater island or they'd never believe men aren't all bad. Nathan Fillion portrays this just right. He's one of those guys who is kind of a dick, but so charming you forgive him anyway. Warner Brothers/DC listen. Nathan Fillion needs to be Green Lantern/Hal Jordan in the live action movie. This needs to happen. Right now. Trust me on this.

Wonder Woman DVD

The Bad:

-I have only one complaint about this movie - Wonder Woman's powers weren't fully expanded on. It appears in this movie that she's only strong and somewhat faster than normal, instead of her complete power set. It would've been nice if they were a bit clearer on that. It would've been a bit better had they just flat out used her full power level like in the comics. Wonder Woman is the female counterpart to Superman and she should always be portrayed as such. She deserves that much.

The Ugly:

-None. This movie was put together too damn well for that.

Wonder Woman DVD

The Verdict:

-I want more!!! Wonder Woman was super good and I can't say enough good stuff about it. Though in retrospect Bruce Timm has yet to let me down. This time however my expectations were met and exceeded. My girlfriend who is by no means a comic book buff even loved this movie. This film has given me high hopes and expectations for the live action Wonder Woman movie. You guys set the bar high with this one, so I expect just as good with the live action film. In the meantime get started on the next one as this movie merits a sequel. Wonder Woman gets a 4 of 5.

Lastly the DVD extras gave us a look at Green Lantern First Flight. Wow!!! Good things going on at Warner Bros and the DCAU department.