Wrong Turn at Tahoe DVD Review

Hey Ace of Spades Gambino here ready to whack you with my review of Wrong Turn at Tahoe. The stars of the show are Cuba Gooding Jr., Miguel Ferrer, and Harvey Keitel. And this mob action film is directed by Franck Khalfoun.

Wrong Turn at Tahoe

The story begins with Joshua (Cuba Gooding Jr.) bleeding while his boss Vincent (Miguel Ferrer) takes him to the hospital for some assistance. He blanks out and remembers his partner Mickey (Johnny Messner) threatening one of Vincent's loaners. After waffle ironing the loaner's feet, Joshua and Mickey stop over at Jeff's apartment (Michael Sean Tighe). Jeff just so happens to be a drug friend who is a dear friend of Vincent. He gives a tip that a Puerto Rican mobster Frankie Tahoe wants Vincent's blood and jumped him for information. Vincent is not too pleased with the information he receives and goes after Frankie Tahoe, believing Jeff's information. Angered by Tahoe's arrogance towards his religion and his hitman Joshua, Vincent kills Tahoe brutally with a baseball bat. On the way to dumping Tahoe's body, he kills Mickey revealing that he knew he slept with his wife Marisa (Alex Meneses). Joshua throughout the movie displays his desire to get out of the mob business and finally confronts Vincent about it to his displeasure. Things go haywire when Tahoe's bodyguard, which was threatened before Tahoe was killed, is murdered. Two guys Steven and Donnie (Louis Mandylor and Reed McColm) show up trying to kill Vincent but he stays one step ahead and is joined along with Joshua to meet the big boss Nino (Harvey Keitel) who has a bounty on Vincent's head. Vincent and Joshua follow Steven and Donnie to Nino's mansion. They are given an ultimatum to pay off the debt that was lost with Tahoe's murder or die. Vincent doesn't take this news well and leaves not knowing Nino has a plot to murder his wife. Afterwards, Vincent loses it and goes out to kill Nino.

Wrong Turn at Tahoe


Now THIS is a mob movie and I love mob movies!!! Harvey Keitel, Miguel Ferrer, and Cuba Gooding Jr. all put up brilliant performances. I especially liked Miguel Ferrer's character "Vincent"; he was bad ass not giving a fuck period….I LOVED IT!!!! The quotables also stand out. There are so many that I can name, but I'll name three of my favorites:

"Decaf, what's the point? It's like drinking non-alcoholic beer or just getting some knob from a fat chick, it's pointless."

Wrong Turn at Tahoe

"Ever got your dick sucked by a fat chick. NO! Don't knock it until you try it not only are they extremely appreciative lovers but they are extremely talented in oral gratification"

"Actually I wasn't sleeping, I was fucking!!"

I mean I can go on and on but I watched this movie three times and it never gets old!!!

Wrong Turn at Tahoe


Well I was disappointed in the ending, which I won't give away, especially since they built up the story so well!!!! DAMNIT!

Wrong Turn at Tahoe


Seeing Harvey Keitel fucking a chick fifty something years younger than him…..YUCK!!!!

Wrong Turn at Tahoe


Some may like "Wrong Turn at Tahoe" and some may not!! I loved the acting in the film; to me it was pretty damn good. The story was a little sketchy; I had to watch twice to get some of the points specified. Cuba Gooding Jr. needs to get back at doing roles fit for the big screen. It is sad to see him like this. Overall I loved this movie; it doesn't try to be a Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface, etc. It has its own identity. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give "Wrong Turn at Tahoe" 4.5 stars.

Wrong Turn at Tahoe


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