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Angel of Death DVD Review

It's your friendly neighborhood reporter Epic-1!!! So the Val-Cave keeps getting bombarded with schtuff and yours truly is trying his best to help out. And I'm on a quest to do as many reviews as possible. That plus I like seeing the main page with my name all over it (lol). So I was handed Angel of Death and in the first ten minutes of the movie I pause and texted Valkor, "All I have to say not even 10 minutes into Angel of Death and Holy Fucking Shit this movie is Awesome!!!" Then I unpause it, continue watching and this movie did not disappoint.

Angel of Death

Angel of Death stars Zoe Bell as Eve, a contract killer for the Mob, who did a job, got a knife stuck in her head and killed everyone including a 14 year old girl named Marie (Kaela Crawford). Now Marie is haunting her and telling her that she has to kill the people responsible. So Eve goes on a killing spree. While all this is going down we have other key players in the movie either trying to help her or stop her. We have Prescott Graham (Brian Poth), her boss who is also in love with her and trying to find her to get her out of trouble. Frankilin (Justin Huen) a not so bright up and coming contract killer, who helped her get away and is now scared so decides he will just join the Mob. Then we have the two siblings that are fighting each other for the top position of the family - Cameron (Jake Abel) and Regina (Vail Bloom) Downes, in which Regina is actually manipulating the whole thing. Then we have the good Dr. Rankin (Doug Jones) who took the knife out of Eve's head and is the Mob doctor as well. With all these elements in play we see a lot of action going on, a bunch of blood spilled, a bunch of fight scenes and then we have Vera (Lucy Lawless) who only has a few lines but, is killed in fashion.

Angel of Death

The Good

Angel of Death definitely has a comic book feel to it. On certain frames it's like your looking at a comic book (the same as Sin City) and it just adds to the story. Next the blood and the killings were believable. Now I do not condone man on women fighting but if the bitch is going to kill you it better be her that gets it than you. Plus the fight scene between Eve and Arthur Max (John Serge) was phenomenal.

Angel of Death

The Bad

The bad is that the movie, in some parts, it was a little too dark. I know that it has a dark undertone and that the scenes are suppose to be dark but some were too dark and it had me looking hard for instance when Eve shows up in Grahams bedroom it is too dark.

Angel of Death

The Ugly


Angel of Death

So in conclusion, go get Angel of Death on DVD, watch Zoe Bell kick ass and enjoy. Angel of Death receives 4 stars out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!

Angel of Death


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Angel of Death DVD Review
The Good: Action and more action
The Bad: some scenes too dark
The Ugly: N/A
TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars

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