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Hey folks, Valkor here. What do you get when you mix a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire, living in an apartment together, who simply want to live a normal life? I'd say you'd have the recipe for a hilarious sitcom! But thanks to the folks at Warner Home and BBC America, we enter the next chapter of the lives Annie, Mitchell, and George in this hit supernatural series "Being Human", which is out now on Blu-Ray in its second season. And I gotta go back now and watch the first season because this is one bad ass series.

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Being Human Season Two continues the tale of Annie (Lenora Crichlow) who's a ghost who can be seen, Mitchell (Aidan Turner), a Vampire, and George (Russell Tovey), who share an apartment and try their best to fit into a world that won't accept them if they know just what kind of people they are. Each character brings to the show their own set of drama, such as Mitchell, who has abstained from drinking blood, George who simply wants to have a life, and Annie who simply wants to fit in as best as possible, but can never lead the life of a normal female since she can't eat or drink, and can't really touch anyone since she's… you know… dead and all. In this 8 episode series the characters go through trials that not only stretches their friendship but also their very existence. Check it out.

Episode 1 – After a night out, George and Mitchell are met with two Vampires – Ivan (Paul Rhys) and Daisy (Amy Manson). Annie applies for a job, and Nina (Sinead Keenan) confronts George about the possibility that she is infected by the Werewolf curse, after getting slashed in the previous season. Later Mitchell becomes smitten Lucy Jagget (Lyndsey Marshal), but unbeknownst to Mitchell, she has ulterior motives.

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Episode 2 – When a bloody body with serious bite marks on his neck arrives at the hospital, Mitchell instantly recognizes who he is – It's the vampire who helped him abstain from blood. He also knows who the lover of the deceased is and does his best to help him get out the country before it's discovered who is behind the death. Annie has become smitten with Saul (Alex Lanipekun), who as it turns out, is being used by spirits from the "other side" to get Annie to cross over. And Nina Leaves George, and later is confronted by Kemp (Donald Sumpter) who wants to help cure her of her "evil"

Episode 3 – Annie, now invisible again, resorts to helping her old boss Hugh (Nathan Wright) rekindle a flame with his ex-girlfriend, with the reluctant help of George. But instead of the woman falling in love with Hugh all over again, she seems to have taken a liking to George. And Mitchell confronts the other local vampires in getting them to stop killing and is crowned their new leader.

Episode 4 – George sets out to control the beast within, purchasing a cage and using tranquilizers to quell his monstrous side. But this proves disastrous as the beast doesn't want to be quelled and George begins lashing out uncontrollably. Mitchell forms an AA type group for vampires to stop drinking blood, and Annie meets another ghost who helps her defend against the agents who want her to cross over.

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Episode 5 – In a great parallel between past and present, Mitchell and Lucy's lust/love for one another are confronted, and we see in a flashback of the past that Mitchell was in love in a similar fashion with a woman in the 60's. George has a new woman in his life, Sam and he wonders if this could be a new beginning for him at having a normal life. And Annie babysits a baby ghost, which unlock maternal instincts within her.

Episode 6 – Annie makes friends and assists a local psychic who has lost his ability to speak to ghost, but for some reason he can hear her. This in turn leads to Annie's confrontation with her mother, whom she finds out hasn't moved on with her life since Annie's death. George and Sam move in together and chances for a normal life crumble; due to the time change, George begins to feel the effects of the full moon sooner than he wants to – during a parent/teacher conference. Mitchell tries to get Ivan to take his place as the leader of the Coven, so that he can have a life with Lucy. But unbeknownst to Mitchell, Lucy and Kemp have plans that involves all the vampires – with explosive results.

Episode 7 – After the explosion that killed just about every vampire, save for Mitchell and Daisy, the two go on a massive killing spree to avenge the death of their brethren to discover who was behind it all. Won't he be surprised when he finds out it was Lucy. Nina is back and convinces George that he needs to try Kemp's treatment in order to cure himself of his werewolf ailment. Annie also confides in Kemp to assist her in crossing over, but that plan proves fruitless.

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Episode 8 – The climatic season finale sees Mitchell confronting Lucy and Kemp, Annie gets pulled to the other side, and the whole treatment center is taken down. Nina, George, and Mitchell escape to the country side, but are found by Lucy and later Kemp. Annie returns briefly and now the trio has vowed to get her back somehow.

It's only 8 episodes, but the length of each ep is more than an hour. The Blu Ray set comes loaded with behind the scenes footage and easter eggs. But in the end, just how well does season 2 hold up?

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The Good:

Having watched none of the first season, I can honestly say that Being Human is the most compelling piece of supernatural drama I've ever watched. And that says a lot because I don't watch too many dramas of this sort nor do I watch BBC America, which will have to change. What I love best about this series, is the maturity level – definitely not for kids with the swears, the gore, and the sex, it's all there for us adults to enjoy. I can't imagine a show like this airing on the local networks. The cast is amazing and everyone works so well together; the bond the main cast has with one another is crazy tight, but the supporting cast really compliments the trio. On a PerfectView note, the Val-man is smitten by Lenora Crichlow, who is just smoking hot. I do loves me some Lenora. Overall a great series.

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The Bad:

Ahhhh only 8 episodes.

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The Ugly:

2011… so close… so far away from season 3…

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If you're a fan of supernatural dramas such as… well Supernatural or Buffy, then you'll definitely enjoy season 2 Being Human on Blu Ray, available now (don't forget to pick up season 1, as I'm about to do). You want one of the most compelling series on the planet? Then this is it bar none! Out of TOV 5 stars, I give Being Human Season 2 Blu-Ray and absolute 5 stars – a perfect score that's well deserved.

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