Diskeeper 2010 Review

We met the fine people of Diskeeper over at Pepcom "Wine and Dine" where I was introduced to the reps of Diskeeper 2010 with ItelliWrite. Its software that will help your system function more efficiently by preventing file fragmentation, which is files divided into pieces scattered around the disk. This occurs naturally when you use a disk frequently, creating, deleting, and modifying files. At some point, the OS needs to store parts of a file in noncontiguous clusters, which can slow down the speed at which data is accessed, because the HDD must search through different parts of the disk to put together a single file. Diskeeper will help minimize write and read times for the software and for the hardware it will help lower power consumption, heat output and general wear and tear by having all the data in one spot. I tested it out on my home pc and the Home Server and found it delivered.

Diskeeper 2010

I installed it on the PC first since I was very worried on how it would operate on the system. It's a small file with a quick install; very easy. Diskeeper is Defragging software that keeps everything in line. I thought to myself I can do that myself. I usually leave it running over night or go watch a movie. The difference is I can continue doing whatever I want while the software runs. I then installed it on the Server; it did everything like it did on the PC. I was surprised how quickly it defragged and organized my server. I have tons of information flowing in and out and I was impressed with all the testing I did They have designed in the package multiple features: InvisiTasking will use the background resources and not affect what is being worked on.

Diskeeper 2010

IntelliWrite feature is what brings it to my attention, any future data you put on your pc/server Diskeeper will write as a contiguous files. Diskeeper claims it will prevent up to 85% of file Fragmentation. i-fast brings the files you use most to the front for quick & easy access.

The Bang:

I think this is great software for some one who has a business large or small. Diskeeper is estimated to save 3.22 per year for each PC. If you have a server we all know the majority of them chow down kilo-watts like a hot dog eating contest. I also appreciate the fact that I will have to spend less time on general maintenance.

Diskeeper 2010

The Slack:

For the average Joe, I don't see the advantage of using this software; if you have a Home Server sure. It will be one less thing you have to worry about. But I just don't find the cost saving there. I can see the benefit for those who don't know how to maintain a pc. We all have those family members that run their PCs ragged and then call on you or your little brother.

Diskeeper 2010

I've never heard of Diskeeper but they've been around since '81. They're all about making your system more efficient and live longer. The Diskeeper has a Home user price tag of 39.95 and a small business price tag of 549.95. They do have Volume license discount. I give Diskeeper a contiguous TOV 4 out of 5.


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