MultiSonus EarBombz EB Pro Series Headphones Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. And it's been a rockin couple of months here at TOV; the new look of the site is proving to be quite the success, plus we're getting so much done. Not as much as I'd like, but just enough to make things interesting around these parts. Next up on the TOV chopping block is a new company to the Val-Cave – MultiSonus Audio, creators of the "EarBombz" headphones. They actually sent in two pairs for us to cover and first up are the EB Pro Series In-Ear Monitors.

EarBombs EB Pro Series

The EarBombz EB Pro Series are housed in a unique mix of high grade metals and components, offering up a superior sound quality that stands out amongst the fold. The buds feature silicone tips that come in three sizes and allows for a mid to high range of noise isolation and even the cord itself is silicone based and flat, not rounded like most cords. Personally I prefer the fabric, but I found this style easy to manage. Finally the EB Pros features a one button answer/drop call microphone, which can be used with most mobile devices and tablets. Oh and lest I forget, they come with this cool tin carrying case, though it has an image of a bomb on its cover, I hope TSA doesn't give me too much grief over it.

For Val-Cave testing I matched up the EB Pros against latest review units – V-Moda Vibrato, Skullcandy FIX, and Lift Audio Icon Series ear buds.

EarBombs EB Pro Series

Vs. Vibrato – The bass is actually stronger and really thumps in the Vibratos, while the EB Pros have a better balance of bass and clarity. Still Vibratos come out on top in the challenge.

Vs. Skullcandy FIX – The EB Pros outshines the FIX easy as it does a better job of producing outstanding bass by comparison and overall clarity.

Vs. Lift Audio Icon Series – Again the EB pro offers a richer experience in sound quality by comparison, but the Icon series gets plus points for its fabric cord. Still the EB pros come out on top.

EarBombs EB Pro Series

So do EarBombz EB Pro Series earplugs suck? Not by any definition of the words and I'll tell you why they're "full of win" in the TOV Breakdown.

The Bang:

My first impression of the EB Pros, soon after I plugged them into the iPhone 4s, is how sweet the bass is in these earplugs – it's beautiful, it's rich, and it doesn't pound in your ears. Though I lean more towards bass you can feel, I really enjoyed mellowing out to the smooth bass the EB Pros offer up. If you pop in some jazz, get ready to melt in your seat as the audio these earplugs produce will whisk you away. What's also great about the EB Pro series is that they have a nice balance between the music and vocals, something that was sorely missed in the House of Marley's Stir-It Ups. You can really make out little audio bits in the background that you might miss in other headphones (i.e. added vocals or instruments). The EB pros also scores big on the noise isolation; I had the chance to experience how good it was on a recent trip to Vegas. Not only did the EB Pros drown out the majority of surrounding noises, but they blocked out the sound so well I was actually able to sleep most of the flight undisturbed. What about gaming? I plugged the EB Pros into my Playstation Vita and was instantly immersed into my game. The noise isolation really helps with any distracting background noise, plus the headphones handle directional sound quite well. on the whole, these headphones rock.

EarBombs EB Pro Series

The "Minor" Slack:

This is just nitpicking but I still prefer fabric cords over silicone.

EarBombs EB Pro Series

If you're looking for a richer, fuller experience with your on-the-go media, then you'll definitely want to add MultiSonus Audio's EarBombz EB Pros to your commuter repertoire; they offer superb sound quality and a high level of detail and clarity that will blow you away (pun intended). I highly recommend it. And out of TOV 5 stars, I'm locking the EP Pros in at a 4.5 and they've been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!

EarBombs EB Pro Series


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