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Edifier In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. We’ve reviewed our fair share of headphones here at TOV and it’s always a pleasure when we get a set packed with some nifty features. However, for the first time, we’re reviewing a simple pair of headphones brought on by newcomer to TOV – Edifier, makers of all things high audio. They’re actually gonna go two rounds in the cave with the first being the H210 earbuds. Check em out.

Edifier H210 Earbuds

Edifier’s H210 buds are what you get when you’re looking for a simple pair of buds for casual use, though you can get a bit more out of them than just projecting sound into your audio receptors. The earbuds are made of soft, lightweight silicon rubber that fits well within your ear canals. Plus you get additional size buds depending on your fit. The cable is mad flexible, which thus far, I have not experienced any tangles; perfect for when, if you're like me, you simply toss your buds in your bag and then when you go to get them, they're a big tangly mess. The drivers within the buds tout superior audio quality with excellent bass plus noise isolation, which we'll get into with the breakdown. When testing out the headphones I used both my Nexus 6 and newly acquired Nokia 928, simply because both have different volume levels to play with, yet the 928 gives me a greater range with the equalizers. Testing was done indoors as well as on my commute, because of the noise isolation I get to experience just how well it handles on my noisy ride.

Edifier H210 Earbuds

Like I stated above, the Edifier H210 aren’t feature laced – they don’t come with an attached remote and microphone; and if that's what you need, then you can take a look at their other models... or I'll do it, I mean that's what I'm here for! And after spending some time with the earbuds, it’s time to render my verdict in the TOV Breakdown.

Edifier H210 Earbuds

The Bang:

Without a doubt, Edifier reaches all levels of cool with the H210 earbuds; design wise, they have a pleasant, casual look with an assortment of colors to choose from. They fit comfortably well in your ears and on a long, 2 hour commute I didn’t experience any discomfort. What about audio wise? How do they H210 perform? With the Nexus 6, I always worry when I throw new headphones at it, simply because sound is softer and more on the low side; this works well in the H210’s favor and makes for the perfect companion to the smartphone as it gives it a nice boost in volume, clear vocals and a deep bass. With the 928, it’s a much bolder experience, especially when I get the settings just right. Though your experience may vary from mine, you can expect superb sound quality from the H210 earbuds. Overall they perform quite well with a deep, rich bass that doesn’t distort at high volumes - perfect if you enjoy beats with a little thump and bump to them. But even bouncier, lighter tunes play well with the earbuds and all around vocals come across nice and clear. The H210 gets plus points for superb noise isolation that pretty much blocks out the majority of background noises, whether you’re on your daily commute, air travel or out for a jog, your tunes won’t be interrupted by whatever is going on around you. And on my noisy commute, this is a blessing. In the end Edifier has scored big with TOV on its first outing with the H210, which gives you awesome sound quality and great noise isolation that equates to a tasty audio treat for your ears.

Edifier H210 Earbuds

The Slack:

It does sound a little canned, but that’s really a nitpick on my part.

Edifier H210 Earbuds

If you’re looking for some simple, yet amazing earbuds for your daily use, then definitely check out Edifier’s H210 earbuds (just click that logo to the right); you get great sound quality and a nice level of noise isolation that makes these earbuds a worthwhile investment. And out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving the H210 earbuds a 4.5.

Edifier H210 Earbuds

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Edifier In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone Review
The Bang: A little canny
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