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HandL Maximus Case Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. After my recent adventures with Mobigrip Leash, I wanted to move on to a related product that's been patiently waiting in the wings; last year, during CES Unveiled 2016, we did a preview and review of a smartphone case that makes it easy for you to hang on to your phone – HandL. Well, they’re back in the Val-cave with a similar product, but with a “sexy” twist. Check it out its HandL Maximus aka the Butt case.

HandL Maximus

If you take the original HandL design and add two soft, silicone mounds to it, then you’ve got the Maximus. Its design is not only meant to be user-friendly, but also adds a level of comfort unseen in any mobile phone cases. At least I’ve never encountered such a design. Plus, you get an added level of protection from drops as the butt part acts as a cushion, protecting your smartphone from small drops… so long as it lands on the butt part and not flat on the screen. Finally, the HandL flat panel can be propped “between the cheeks” to act as a kickstand to rest your phone when you want to watch a movie, or just to keep an eye on your device while you work or chill at home.

HandL Maximus

So, my Butt case adventure truly began when I took it to my job and let my coworkers experience the power of the Maximus. And for the most part, they were a bit uncomfortable with the design to the point that some didn't even want to hold it. Maybe if I hadn't said it was a “Butt case” straightaway, their impression of the case might have been different. Also, it didn’t help when I used the phrase “would you like to sleep your fingers between them cheeks”. However, I did find a few peeps who actually like the design and comfort levels of the Maximus. So I get that some might be put off by the look. However, there are some who truly appreciate HandL's approach. And now it’s time to render my verdict of the Maximus in the TOV Breakdown!

HandL Maximus

The Bang:

If you enjoyed the original HandL case, then you’ll truly love the look and feel of the HandL Maximus. Don’t let the words “Butt case” dissuade you from something most awesome. And it is awesome! Sure, the design might put some people off, but you can’t deny the ease of use and level of comfort the Maximus brings as it feels great in hand – yes it kind of does feel like a butt, but this is one butt you can touch as freely as you'd like. Your hands easily conform around the mounds, making it so that you’ll have a much better grip on your device. Not only that, but if you’re a one-handed user (not a user with one hand, but this might also apply), you’ll find that the butt case design improves one-handed use. Using an iPhone 7S or almost any phablet phone without the case can be cumbersome to some; but with the Maximus, you’ll find you can perform better with one hand and even multitask. The Maximus is perfect if you like to walk and text, walk and game, or walk and do whatever with your smartphone without having to worry about drops. Finally, it’s great for capturing that perfect photo or if you want to snap a quick selfie as you’re capable of being flexible without the fear of dropping your phone. The HandL Maximus is certainly a unique case with a smart and sexy design that’ll certainly draw some stares. But it's still a pretty awesome case!
HandL Maximus

The Slack:

Sadly the Maximus isn't available for most smartphones on the market such as the more recent Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ or any other mobile device outside of an iPhone. Hopefully, we’ll get see not only the Maximus on such devices but also the original HandL case.
HandL Maximus

In the end, if you’re looking for a unique case with a sexy spin, that you gotta get your hands on a HandL Maximus; it’s easily the most comfortable case on the market plus its ease of use matches that of the original. I highly recommend it. And out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving the HandL Maximus a perfect 5.
HandL Maximus

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HandL Maximus Case Review
The Bang:Unique, sexy, comfort
The Slack: Needed for more smartphones
TOV 5 star rating: 5 stars

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