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HX Wheel Surf Preview

Hey gang, Valkor here. There was a time if you ever needed to get from point A to point B, which was in walking distance but still at a distance; you’d have to get there by the power of your own two legs. Lately, however, with the coming of personal transportation devices’, getting around has never been easier. And while there are many such devices out on the market, for this preview we’re gonna put the focus on one – the HX Wheel Surf!

HX Wheel Surf

HX Wheel Surf

The HX Wheel Surf is the skateboard evolved – but with only one wheel! Sounds kind of scary, right? I mean, it took me a few tries just to get the hang of the “hoverboard” with no serious injury. So, I can’t imagine trying to balance on a one-wheel skateboard. Thankfully, the Surf touts “Assisted Stabilizing Technology” to help keep you balanced while you get your cruise on. And from the related videos, it does look like a smooth ride!

HX Wheel Surf

HX Wheel Surf

Other features include:

  • Two styles – long or short board
  • A removable battery, which gives you an hour on one charge, and it also, makes the Surf airplane-friendly.
  • Quoting this from the company’s website (which is also linked to the right – click that logo): HX Wheel’s patented DRIFT TYRE along with the app allows you to select your preferred riding style. Feel the rush of surfing a wave or snowboarding down a mountain with the convenience of simply stepping out your front door. Exploring becomes thrilling when you are surfing the land on your HX Wheel.
  • Works alongside an app to switch modes (training, off track, and top speed), as well as track your speed; I wonder if it also tracks distance, like how many miles you’ve gone in total?

Other than the HX WHeel Surf, there are two other models – the Urban, which has LED lights, and The Fold, which is more compact and… it folds! The HX Surf is currently available online for purchase, with the Urban and Fold are coming soon. For now, enjoy the pics and vids, and don’t forget to click that logo if you wish to learn more about the HX Wheel Surf as well the company behind the device.

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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HX Wheel Surf Preview
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