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Metal Slug XX PSP Review

In the annals of retro gaming, there is only one game that sticks out in my mind as one that is the best-kept secret in classics: The Metal Slug series. Metal Slug XX is the seventh game in the series, and does not disappoint. The object of any Metal Slug game is to get your character through a series of levels by blasting your way through armies of soldiers, tanks, and the most bizarre creatures with various weapons and power-ups. On the way, you continue by freeing captives who "THANK YOU" with said weapons and power-ups. There are also tanks and other devices you are able to use to plow through the bigger and badder enemies.

The Good:

Any Metal Slug fan knows what to expect from each game… senseless violence -- both inflicted upon your enemies and eventually yourself. Keep in mind, unless you're some ultimate Metal Slug gaming ninja you WILL die in the game… and more than likely continue more times than you'd like to. The updated weaponry is also a plus: This go-around you get weapons such as Thunder Shot, and the ultimate weapon: Slug Gigant, which gives you a bit of justified revenge on those giant robotic baddies you fight throughout every game. You can even fit two people into the Gigant in co-op (network) mode.

The Bad:

While I'm enjoying the alternate mode, called Combat School, a lot of the missions you have to beat with either 1 life or no continues. As I mentioned before, the odds of you NOT dying more than 20 times a game is astronomical. It's also rather annoying when your Drill Instructor, a buxom blonde anime chick, tells you not to worry about failure… but then tells points out afterwards that you failed the mission! I also don't really see the logic in having another option in the mode where you can essentially flirt with her… couldn't that have been made into a secret easter egg or something?

The Ugly:

Not much ugly. Sound and music being drown out by gunfire and screaming is probably an issue for some. I do have to say, after a friend pointed out to me a few weeks ago… it seems as though they changed the voice which yells out all the weapon names as you collect them. The one in particular, "Rawket Lawnchair" (source: http://rlawnchair.ytmnd.com/) has noticeably been corrected. Which, in retrospect is kind of sad.

Overall, this is a must have for Metal Slug fans. I give it 4 out of 5 STARS!


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Metal Slug XX PSP Review
The Good: Overall damn good game
The Bad: the features
The Ugly: Music is drowned out by gunfire
TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars

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