Renegade Concepts Lap Pro and MobiMates Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. File this next review under potential “Holiday Gift Idea” material. From new company Renegade Concepts comes a couple of tablet accessories that look to give products such as the Veyl’s ePillow and Rojo Design Wedgestand a run for their money… and yours. Check it out it’s the Lap Pro Caddy/Stand and the Lap Pro MobiMates.

Lap Pro + MobiMates

Let’s start with the fun one - the MobiMates; take one stuffed bear, add a removable wedge between its legs and you have the perfect stand for all your chill tablet needs that doubles as a cuddle buddy. Yes it’s that soft that the little ones can use it as a nighttime pal. But as a tablet stand it utilizes the arms, legs and body plus the wedge to act as the perfect tablet prop. I thought the bear would be too floppy initially to sit on its own, but it sits well. And on top of it all it can be adjusted to limited angles for optimal viewing. It looks great chilling on the little one’s desk or if they're just relaxing on the floor with their favorite games or movies. The MobiMates comes in brown or polar bear and works universally with most tablets on the market today.

Lap Pro + MobiMates

Next up is the Lap Pro, which is not as cuddly as the MobiMate, but still quite useful. On the outset, it has a nice rotund shape with a wedge that acts as a stand and also as a handle so you can carry around the Lap Pro with ease. It sits well on any desk, on the floor, on your lap or on an airline tray table. Towards the front and underneath is a two pocket caddy to hold items such as your charger, small battery packs and other useful tablet items. While this version of the Lap Pro works better with larger tablets, I was able to use it well with my 7” Nexus 7. The only thing I couldn’t do was wedge it between the crevice since the tablet would lean forward; however, resting it on the lip of the Lap Pro worked out fine. And if you really need one to fit your mini tablet, then there’s a Lap Pro Mini.

In the House of Val, the MobiMate received the most attention because of its teddy bear nature. This gave me the opportunity to spend some quality time with the Lap Pro. So let’s see how the two fared by switching gears towards the TOV Breakdown.

Lap Pro + MobiMates

The Bang:

If you have little ones, who spend a lot of time on their tablets, then the MobiMate easily makes for the perfect gift. It’s very soft, very cuddly and makes for the ideal stand for all their viewing/gaming/learning needs. And hey the MobiMate is soft enough for the little ones to cuddle up with at night. As for the Lap Pro, I find it softer with more cushion than the Rojo Wedgestand, while doing a much better job on the uprights than the ePillow. Also it’s plush enough that you can easily fine-tune any tablet to fit within its confines. It’s perfect for a chill day indoors, outdoors or for use on the go. And if you wanna go one step further, you can also customize the Lap Pro with some of your favorite designs and logos. I’ve already have a few ideas rolling around in my mind…

Lap Pro + MobiMates

The Slack:

My one and only issue with the Lap Pro is that it doesn’t quite fit well with smaller tablets. It’s definitely great for the larger ones, but for the 7”, you have to make some adjustments (again, resting it on the lip seems to work just fine).

Lap Pro + MobiMates

The holiday season is fast and if you’re looking for a great gift idea for the younger and/or the older set, then definitely check out Renegade Concepts MobiMate and Lap Pro (also the Lap Pro mini). The MobiMate makes for a suitable stand and night time companion, whilst the Lap Pro makes for a great, all-around stand. So out of TOV 5 stars, Renegade Concepts double play in the Val-Cave gets a 4.5 and it’s been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.


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