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myCharge RazorMax Portable Power Bank Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. "Pokemon Go" is all the rage these days, and I will admit I’ve been sucked in since day one. The only downfall to catching Pokemon in real life is that it’s a drain on your device. So, when you’re battery is running low, you can either head to the nearest wall outlet (provided you remembered to bring your adapter), or you can keep a battery pack handy. And while there’s plenty to choose from (check the pages of TOV), you might want to consider myCharge RazorMax; it’s not only good for Pokemon Go but all of your on-the-go needs.

myCharge RazorMax

On the outset, the RazorMax is a small pack, with a slim design and anodized aluminum casing that can easily fit in the pocket of a small pouch, in a bag, purse, messenger, or backpack with ease. It features two 2.4A USB ports, with a microUSB port between the two for charging the pack. And just above the microUSB port is your indicator light, which requires that you shake the pack to see how much juice you have left. The RazorMax features a 6000mAh capacity and allows you to “quick charge” two devices at once, which is good for me since I’m now a “two phones guy”. But for this review, I depleted my Nexus 6 to test out the RazorMax’s rapid-charge capabilities, which took some time to drain because the battery in the phone is just that good. But once I got it down to 53%, I plugged it into the RazorMax for 30 minutes. And when I came back to it, it had gone up to 80% (of course, your experience may vary) - And that’s a pretty good, much-needed jump.

myCharge RazorMax

The myCharge RazorMax is one of five in the Razor series that includes Platinum, Ultra, Plus, and Mini. Each hold a different level of capacity, so if you’re interested in this series, you’ll want to pick out the perfect pack that fits your need. And now on to the TOV Breakdown!

myCharge RazorMax

The Bang:

I’ve never met a battery pack that I didn’t like and I don’t like myCharge’s RazorMax - I love it! It’s all levels of perfection from size, capacity, and capability to give my smartphone a much-needed boost. As a fan of Pokemon Go, the RazorMax has come in handy, since it's the one app that’s a drain on my device. Thankfully, the RazorMax is more than capable of keeping my device up to snuff when it's at its lowest. Plus I can get a nice boost in a short amount of time thanks to the pack's quick charge function. And even though the Nexus 6 has a slight curve on the back, it still rests well against the pack, which makes holding it, while walking around and “catching them all” a breeze. Finally, with two USB ports, you have the option to share the pack with others; so if you have a friend who’s running low, while on your PokeWalk, then you can be “the real MVP” if they don’t happen to have a portable pack of their own. But for any reason that the need for a battery pack comes into play, then myCharge has you covered with the power of RazorMax.

myCharge RazorMax

The Slack:


myCharge RazorMax

The RazorMax and the Razor line are available through myCharge’s website, which you can reach through the logo on the right, or through Amazon, and other outlets. And if you’re looking for a good quality, high performance, ultra portable battery pack, then look no further, you’ve found it. And out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving the RazorMax a perfect 5. And it’s been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!

myCharge RazorMax

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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myCharge RazorMax Portable Power Bank Review
The Bang:compact, lightweight, quick charge
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