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Naztech Alloy Advanced Magnetic Wireless Earphones Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. While I’ve been given the chance to test out a wide variety of headphones from gaming, to Bluetooth, earbuds, and casual over-the-ear types; I’ve never come across a pair as unique as the ones from new company Naztech - the Alloy Advanced Magnetic Wireless Earphones. These are not your ordinary headphones as they have an added feature that makes them extra special.

Naztech Alloy

The Alloy Earphones are like the House of Marley Smile Jamaica that we recently reviewed but with less silicone. It’s a simple design with all of the controls (play/pause/volume/answer) as well as the microUSB port for charging located on the right side. They're also pretty lightweight and could be worn either around the neck or from the front (my personal preference). But what separate the Alloy from most headphones is the magnetic dots at the back of each earbud. They’re not there just to keep the wire from becoming a tangled mess or to keep the earbuds from falling around your neck when not in use; the magnets act as a pause button for when you need a music break or if something requires your attention. The magnets are mad strong and snap together with the quickness. But they pull apart just as easily, allowing you to get back into the groove without missing a beat. And if they’re attached and you receive a call, you can pull them apart to answer it. That’s pretty nifty as there’s less interaction with your phone or fumbling around with a button.

Naztech Alloy

I'm jumping the gun a bit, but the Naztech Alloy earphones get cool points simply for the magnets. I mean this is the first I’ve ever come across such a design and I can see its usefulness. But ultimately I’m all about the beats. And I’ll give you the 411 on how these babies sound in the TOV Breakdown!

Naztech Alloy

The Bang:

First up, as far as the design goes, the Naztech Alloys gets points for keeping things simple and lightweight; even with the magnets, the Alloy is really comfortable to wear to the point that they feel almost non-existent. And if you sport them from the front, then there’s no need to worry about them sliding all over the place or catching in your hair. Now, the sound quality is nice with a rich bass and clear vocals; what I love the most is how the earphones really broaden background vocals, which really enhances a melody. And while the product doesn’t tout passive noise canceling, it’s there and it’s pretty sweet as it drowns out all of the annoying sounds of my commute. But it's the magnets that are the real treat! The first time I experienced the play/pause feature, I didn't really know what to expect. But I was surprised how smooth the current song picked up right where I left it off. There's less interaction with my device and no fears about disconnecting from my device and having to start over. In the end, the Naztech Alloy is an amazing pair of earphones that’s easy on the ears, both in how you wear them and the sounds they produce that’ll get you rocking through your day.

Naztech Alloy

The Slack:

I have two issues with the Alloy; first up, while the sound quality is nice, it does sound echoey, as if you’re listening to your beats in a large music hall. It’s still not a turn off, but it’s quite noticeable. Next, you can’t take the volume up too high as the music starts to distort. And if I can't go full blast to some of my favorite beats... well I'm not gonna toss these earphones. I'll just have to make some adjustments.

Naztech Alloy

Whether you’re at home or on the go, Naztech Alloy earphones, even with its flaws, are still worth the investment; the play/pause use of the magnets is certainly a cool added bonus. However, it’s the comfy design and sweet audio quality that’ll keep you coming back for more. So, out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving the Naztech Alloy earphones a 4.

Naztech Alloy

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Naztech Alloy Advanced Magnetic Wireless Earphones Review
The Bang: Sweet audio, the magnates owns!
The Slack: Distortion at high volumes, echoey
TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars

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