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NoiseHush Freedom BT700 Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Review

There are so many headphones out in the market today and google can either be your best friend or your worst enemy when serching for the perfect pair. Personally I've seen and experienced many headphones with different styles and gimmicks. So when Valkor brought over the Freedom BT700 Headphones by NoiseHush over to my desk, I will admit the box didn’t call out to me, I couldn’t get the name right for a whole day and nothing really shined. However, when I finally opened the box, the headphones themselves had some style but still kept the same theme as the packaging, neat and clean with no gimmicks, but by looks alone I feel like I can take these out and about while still maintaining a professional and functional look.

NoiseHush BT700

Looking at the exterior of the BT700, The headband has a light steel frame making it thin, strong and very easy to adjust; if you wear hats and glasses there is enough pressure for a good seal but not to put a dent in your head, with the band being so thin it can easily be worn under a hoodie. And on those cold winter days that can come in handy. The actual cushion is about 3 inches, which is thick enough to keep most sound out and apply a good seal. Also they're large enough to keep my ears warm at 22°F. On the left ear there is a two button system - the first is a MFB (Multifunction button), which handles the on/off, call answering, and Bluetooth pairing, depending on how long you old them. A long hold after you turn it on will give you two beeps and allow for Bluetooth connection. This same button will answer calls with just a quick tap to answer or hang up. The second switch is Music Control, volume/playback and pause depending of how long you hold the switch a quick back or forth jumps the track, a long hold will raise or lower the volume.

NoiseHush BT700

The sound is driven by 40mm neodymium speakers, which audio comes through pretty clear. And with the seal over the ear it is perfect. The audio volume on the headphones is independent from the devices volume which makes a world of difference when trying to find your sweet spot. I have the phone volume on max and the audio still wasn't where I want it to be. But with this independent adjustment, it makes for a better time. I like having my phone on full blast and with the BT700, it allows me to adjust to my taste.

NoiseHush BT700

  • Whats in the box:
  • • Freedom BT700 Headphones
  • • USB Charging Cable
  • • User Manual
NoiseHush BT700

I've tested the BT700 a total of 6 times and attached it to several Bluetooth devices with the results on the battery life turning out consistently the same; the 20 hrs. Music/talk time holds true. The charge time did vary for me but I’d say 2.5/3 Hrs. would be accurate. With the Bluetooth connection, I've gone to about a max of 25 ft. with no problem. After that you'll have the sound start to cutoff. Finally whether it's talking or listening to music, the BT700 held up very against all the background noise during any of my many adventures.

NoiseHush BT700

The Bang:

I unexpectedly enjoyed testing the BT700; audio quality is pretty good, listening to audiobooks and music came through crisp, clear, and the bass did hit when needed. The mic for the most part carried my voice well and I could be heard clearly when chatting with my friends, even if I were in a crowded room the BT700 delivered. They’re very comfortable and the cushions cup your ears enough to keep all the audio in while keeping out any noise distractions. I also love the the fact that after long use my ears don’t hurt from being pinned in-between the glasses. I’ll be honest, I will be using them again after the review is over, though they do have their minor quirks, but for the price, quality and overall performance and comfort I’m willing to overlook them.

NoiseHush BT700

The Slack:

When on a call, a few people have mentioned an echo of their own voice during a conversation. I tried this on two android devices and on G-voice call from PC and it seemed to randomly happen. I did notice that when walking around, sometimes the phone in my pocket had the Bluetooth skip from time to time, but I don’t know if it was the phone or the Bluetooth connection. Next, the head band maybe the right pressure but there is one catch,if you wear glasses/sunglasses, the status light keeps reflecting off the lens, which can be gets distracting and quite annoying.During the day the flashing light isn’t so bad but indoors and at night it’s prevalent. The audio control button needs a better grip; I’ve slipped many times trying to raise the volume and inadvertently changed tracks. This last on is more of a personal argument, I don’t like how they lay on my neck when not in use. I would prefer a little more flexibility on the ear cup when bring them around my neck.

NoiseHush BT700

It’s hard now days to get noticed in a saturated market of high-end headphones, especially ones endorsed by famous people who probably don’t know the first thing about what it takes to make a speaker. I myself was in the market for a Bluetooth Headset a few months ago and it turned into a nightmare trying to balance out price over quality and design while not getting swayed by names and flashy lights. But every so often you find a gem that will give you good sound and not leave you counting the days till your next paycheck. The NoiseHush Freedom BT700 headset left me quite impressed with the quality of audio and performance, plus the ease of answering phone calls. There are a lot of headphones out there with more attributes and gadgets but if you’re looking for a clean look and with functionality in mind, I do recommend these. I do have some suggestions for improvement but like all things once you get use to the button setup you will be on your way. Out of 5 I give the BT700 a 4.

NoiseHush BT700


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NoiseHush Freedom BT700 Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Review
The Bang: great audio quality, performance, functionality
The Slack: echoing, light reflection
TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars

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