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Pepcom NYC Press Event 2017

Hey gang, Valkor here. And we’re taking you from the west coast back to the east, as Pepcom returns to NYC, bringing along with it, its BBQ themed tech event. By comparison, the San Francisco event was smaller, with many of the same companies returning to NYC. However, there was still plenty of new companies offering up unique products that may find a place in your home in the near future. Check it out.

As always, if you’re interested in learning more about the company, simply click their names.

Pepcom NYC 2017

Aera – Look out scented candles, oils, sticks, and sprays. There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s adding a smart home spin to things. Introducing Aera, a new scent delivery system that can immerse up to 2,000 square feet of your home in a variety of aromas, all put together by master perfumers. Aera also works with Amazon’s Alexa so you can check its levels as well as switch it on remotely or adjust the scent levels. As much as I enjoy burning a scented candle, this could be equally enjoyable and relaxing without the fear of burning down the house.

Pepcom NYC 2017

Wemo (Belkin) – If you’ve been looking to update your home with smart home tech, then consider giving Belkin’s Wemo gadgets a try. First up is the Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer, which can be used to control your lights through Wi-Fi, so you can control intensity, schedule when you want the lights to go off and on, and more. Plus it works with Alexa or Google Home so you can just say what you need Wemo to do. Next is the Wemo Smart Plug, which will allow you to control your home’s devices and appliances. Imagine when the weather is scorching outside, you can remotely switch on your AC unit and walk into a cool, crisp home. Now all I need is a Wemo drink maker and I’m all set.

Pepcom NYC 2017

Cujo – Alacran and I had a tough time with the Bitdefender BOX, though ultimately it all worked out in the end. Enter a new player into the ring – Cujo, a smart home defender against all things viruses and hacks. It touts to protect any and all devices on your network and offers up parental controls so the little ones don’t go off the beaten path. We’re looking to have a bit of a run with this and another similar product so stay tuned for that action.

Pepcom NYC 2017

Olive and Dove – At last year’s Luxury Tech Event, I was given the chance to walk away with a Remocam Smart Home camera, which is something Alacran enjoyed toying with. Well, the company behind Remocam has gone through a bit of rebranding and is now Olive and Dove. And while the name has changed, the products remain the same. Other than Remocam, we have Remobell, which is more than just a doorbell. It provides HD video, 2-way audio, night vision and so much more. Next is DoorCam, and I’ve been told is an alternative to Remobell, for those who live in apartments and such. It sports the some of the same features as Remobell, but without the bell options.

Pepcom NYC 2017

MEEM – While there are plenty of backup options on the market for your smartphone, there’s nothing quite like MEEM. MEEM is a charging cable with an attached storage for your pics and videos, freeing up all that space on phones that don't have an external storage option. Honestly? That’s pretty impressive because we’re always charging our devices, so why not perform a backup while we’re at it?

Pepcom NYC 2017

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Pepcom NYC Press Event 2017
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