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PerfectView Booth Babes @ E3 2010

E3 2011

Hey folks, Valkor here, recooperating from 3 days of gaming bliss. That's right I'm talkin about E3 2010! As I prep my report, we'll kick things off with PerfectView and I must say, this could be the best PerfectView by far. It's so good I can't choose the best of the best, so you know what? I'm gonna let you guys decide and don't be afraid to speak your mind in our comment section. Big ups to Jaydub and his crew over at 2D-X, where you'll find even more hottie pics! And now, on with the show! Oh and no comments this time around, I think the images can speak for themselves.

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PerfectView Booth Babes @ E3 2011
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