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Revelations Movie Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. This holiday season, if I’m not at my actual job, I’ll be spending a good chunk of it held up in the Val-Cave pushing my way through a host of films that I’ll either review or watch for my own pleasure. I mean I would love to clear out a good chunk of my pile before the New Year kicks in. And the first film that'll lead the pack was an unexpected arrival that made its way onto the TOV chopping block; it's a short film that’ll be part of an anthology of films called “The Forces of Horror Anthology Series Volume I”, with the first short called “Revelations”. And I know I’m jumping the gun, but I can’t wait to see how the rest of the anthology plays out.


Revelations has a 12 minute runtime and opens has a sweet, scenic and serene view of a large home – both outdoors and in. On the inside is mom Mary (Sheri Davis) and daughter Lili (Gracie Whitton), who are having a quiet moment together. The scene is interrupted by a phone call, which is all about Mary’s business, while Lili looks on while drawing. After the call, Lili gently asks for ice cream, to which Mary complies. And when were taken to the freezer, which is inside of the garage, we find a horrific scene – bloody tools, a bag and inside the freezer… chopped up body parts and a head. My first reaction to the scene was that Mary, after realizing her husband is having an affair (prior to this scene she looks over a note from her husband’s lover), chops him up in a fit of rage. But as we delve deeper into the film, it becomes apparent that there are… darker forces at play here. And how the film ends, whatever those dark forces might be, they’re not at all finished.


As I mentioned above, Revelations is part of an anthology, but what I should point out is that each short will feature the same three actors (mom, dad and daughter) as well as cover different genres of horror. By the name of this short, you can tell you’ll be dealing with secrets and just what those secrets are, I’ll never tell. For that you’ll have to watch the film and then you'll thank me later for not spoiling it.


The Good:

There’s a reason why I kept my telling of the plot for Revelations short – because to giveaway more would ruin the experience entirely. And this is a film that needs to be experienced many times over as it’s just that good. Revelations, in just a short matter of time, does an excellent job of luring one into the picturesque, sunny and happy home, only to spiral downwards into something dark and disturbing, leaving me in chills by the end of it all. And even after watching the short a few times, that feeling of dread remains. Great job! The editing is well done and the music helps to set the mood. But it’s the acting that sets things off and Shari Davis deserves accolades for a job well done. Her facial expressions and lighthearted tone as she’s chatting away on the phone with her workers, gives nothing away as to what’s the come. She’s very sweet, very motherly, but later on you can feel the weight of the situation as her mood changes to fit the darker setting. Kudos also goes to Gracie Whitton who doesn’t get a lot to do but looks adorable doing it – she does adorable very well. Lili is very unaware of what’s happening around her and really that’s the way it should be. Revelations, while short, is definitely an experience you shouldn’t pass up.


The Bad:



The Ugly:

Poor Hank (Lance Eakright).


Revelations is making the festival rounds and it’s definitely worth checking out should you happen to come across it; even though it’s brief, it packs just the right amount of chills that will stick with you beyond its ending. Out of TOV 5 stars, Revelations gets a perfect 5.


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Revelations Movie Review
The Good: Will leave you in chills
The Bad: N/A
The Ugly: Poor, poor Hank...
TOV 5 star rating: 5 stars

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