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Rumble (2016) Movie Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. There was a time I’d scour late-night cable television in hopes of finding something good to watch; instead, I’d end up having the TV watch me as I'd fall asleep in my failed attempt at trying to find something good. Nowadays, I’ll scroll through my emails picking and choosing what films I’ll watch in hopes of finding a gem amongst the crud. Sometimes I’ll score something awesome, but usually, it’s pretty bad or mediocre at best. So, guess what category this next action film falls into? If you guessed "crud", you'd be correct! Coming to the MediaView stage we have “Rumble” starring Gary Daniels. Some spoilers ahead, but there really isn’t all that much to spoil.

Rumble 2016

Rumble puts the focus on MMA fighter David Goran (Daniels – Misfire, Tekken), who is hiding out in Mexico with his girlfriend Eva (Sissi Fleitas) after taking one too many dives in his recent fights. And now those who want their money back are seeking him out. But that isn’t the crux of the story. One night, while hanging out with a fan at an underground fight club, David had one too many tequilas and wakes up at the guy’s place. When he returns to his hotel room, they don’t seem to recognize him. And what’s worse, he’s also a wanted man for killing one of those fighters from the fight club. Wait, what’s even worse is that his girlfriend has been kidnapped by a mysterious figure named Delgado, who wants David to take part in his underground fight club in order to get her back. And now David, with his messed up knee, must make his way through Mexican gangsters, cops, and other fighters in order to save his woman from peril.

Rumble 2016

If Rumble were a video game, I’d be all over it because the premise is on point! Sadly, Rumble isn’t a video game, but it’s one of any number of films starring Gary Daniels doing what he does best in an area he’s most familiar with. But does the end results justify the means?

Rumble 2016

The Good:

I like the premise of Rumble and some of the action scenes were OK to watch. But there really isn’t that much left after that that would make the rest of the film worthwhile.

Rumble 2016

The Bad:

Ultimately, Rumble is a pretty bland action film. Honestly, I watched the film twice because I slept through the last half of the film the first go round. And even after the second viewing I still couldn’t find anything to write home about. Sure there were a few decent fights, but the rest of the film was just so-so; even the gunfights weren’t all that exciting. The main plot of David vs. this mysterious cartel was cool, but why squeeze in all that extra drama in the beginning with the girlfriend and the fight dives? It all seemed so unnecessary. Finally, the Delgado reveal; throughout the entire film, I suspected that it was the girlfriend who was behind it all, even when it was revealed to be the desk clerk at the hotel. Actually, it would have been better if it had been the girlfriend, which would explain her sudden aggression in the bedroom. Again, if this were a beat ‘em up video game, I’d wanna play it every night, all night. But watching as the events unfold in this film left me wanting something more.

Rumble 2016

The Ugly:

The way that cop, stood out in the open, against three armed men, and didn't get hit. Even stormtroopers would have laughed at that one!

Rumble 2016

Rumble is currently running on Netflix, with a wider release TBA; if you happen to come across it while scoring the digital service, just keep on looking. But if you’re looking for a no-brainer of an action film… still keep looking. Otherwise, the film is pretty bland, with not enough of anything

Rumble 2016

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Rumble (2016) Movie Review
The Good: Meh
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The Ugly: 1 v 3 and no one gets shot... right!
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