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Shadow Protocol iOS Review

The crew at indie game developer Goodnight Games is back, after the success of Cutiebots, with their newest title: Shadow Protocol. It's a stealth action game that is focused on more stealth than action. I don't usually play mobile games but Shadow Protocol is my newest iOS addiction.

Shadow Protocol

You play as a silent, pun intended, agent of M.O.T.H., a highly secret government peacekeeping agent, infiltrating civilian and military organizations alike in order to gather vital information. Shadow Protocol takes much of its elements from the games that came before it such as Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid. You can attack enemies of course but your best course of action is to stick to the shadows.

Shadow Protocol

Shadow Protocol uses a digital joystick for movement and a four button panel for actions. Taser whip stuns enemies for a limited time allowing you to bypass them. Regular whip follows suit, but has a lower chance of hitting. Smoke bombs allow you to distract guards and move past them without alert, if you're careful enough. Download is only used on the computers to obtain the aforementioned vital information.

Shadow Protocol

Enemies run the gambit from cameras, patrolling guards and stationary guards. Your character is wearing a high tech exoskeleton that makes them harder to spot in dark areas, the darker the better in fact. However, different enemies require different tactics. Stationary guards need to be distracted and avoided. Patrols can be attacked but are quick to react to action. The best option in any case is to stick to the shadows and avoid the enemy line of sight. Thankfully, all enemies have a very obvious cone of vision.

Shadow Protocol

Goodnight Games is 2-for-2 in the indie game market. Shadow Protocol is an homage to all games stealth; a swan song to the Sam Fishers and Solid Snakes of the past, present, and future. I don't do mobile gaming often, but I'm glad that I gave this one a chance. At $1.99 for an entire game, with zero micro-transactions, Shadow Protocol is one of the best mobile games I've played in the last year. 3 out of 5 TOV stars.

Shadow Protocol


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