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Skills Like This DVD Review

The Ace of Spades here reviewing the comedy "Skills Like This" starring Spencer Berger, Brian Phelan, Gabriel Tigerman, and Kerry Knuppe. The film is directed by Monty Miranda.

The background of "Skills Like This" focuses on, Max Solomon (Spencer Berger), a writer who realizes he sucks at writing plays; The Onion Dance was the last straw in which he looks like he wants to commit suicide because of how awful it turned out. Max sits with his friends Dave (Gabriel Tigerman) and Tommy (Brian Phelan) in a Mexican restaurant. One of his friends joke around about robbing a bank and Max figures he has nothing to lose and does it. In the process, he meets Lucy (Kerry Knuppe) who just happens to be the teller he takes the money from and he thinks about how attracted he is to her throughout the day. His friends decide to go out and coincidentally he finds her at the usual spot where they hang. Max and Lucy, following this random odd meeting of sorts, get their freak on. He promises to stay in her apartment and to not cause any kind of trouble, but he finds himself becoming an addict to the danger of theft. He continues steals to the point in where Lucy sees what he becomes and dumps him. Max beings to snap seeing how his life turns for the worst. And while ordering at a burger joint, he robs the cashier while his friends are in the car. Things start to go insane for Max as he's being tailed by the authorities.

The Good:

One thing I like about the theme for "Skills Like This" is that it's original. I wasn't expecting it to just hit me like the way it did. It had one of those random themes yet it didn't take turn for the worst in where the viewer would end up scratching their head with a "What The Fuck Did I Just Watch" look. The way the movie went the first couple of minutes, I was expecting a college humored movie with a lot of stupid pointless wise cracks. It ended up taking a twist; it definitely did not follow the usual "College Trip" or "American Pie" route which is a good thing. Max's look almost convinces me to grow an afro and wear a leather jacket - kind of reminds me of the Fonz…… Aeeeeeee!!! Oh yeah… and Rosa the waitress in the movie is HOT!!!!! (Marta Martin)

The Bad:


The Ugly:

None I can think of…


Skills Like This is fresh and it has a nice random vibe. The movie doesn't lose track of the theme and it stays consistent; it's a good film you can easily watch again. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give "Skills Like This" a 4.5 stars.


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Skills Like This DVD Review
The Good: Great film, themes
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TOV 5 star rating: 4.5 stars
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