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The Nest Earphone Holder Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. This next review goes out to the commuter crowd who make their way through local transportation as best as possible. Some journies can be short while others, such as mine, can get extensive. And the best way to make the trek bearable is usually to wrap yourself in a bubble of your own entertainment – music, movies, gaming, email, whatever. I choose music and what I dislike about music is dealing the headphones and earbuds – they tend to get all tangled up when I’m done so it becomes a puzzle solver when I need them again. Enter Digital Innovation, who scored a win with Alacran and their ChargeDr Pro; this round I get the opportunity to test out a couple of their products with the first being The Nest and it’s the cure for the headache that is tangled wires.

The Nest

Digital Innovation’s slogan is “Simplicity Perfected” and you can’t get any simpler than The Nest, which is a silicone-based holder that’s used to store your earbuds. You protrude The Nest outwards to reveal a spool. The buds rest in the centerpiece while you wind the wires around the spool, then push it back inwards and voila! You’re earbuds are “nestled” within The Nest, neatly stored so you don’t have to deal with twisted wires. And when you’re ready to use them again, just pull them out and repeat the process when you’re done.

The Nest

It took some time getting used to The Nest or having to make use of it since it’s something I’ve never used before – ever. Sometimes I’d forget that I had The Nest and I’d end up tossing my buds back in my bag. But once I got used to having them though the experience was definitely different.

The Nest

The Bang:

It was different but it has been a relief to have The Nest with me on my travels. No more messy tangles and when I need my buds, they’re available at a pulls notice. The Nest is compact and can easily fit in any bag or carryon. Finally, it’s soft so they’re no rough edges to deal with and it’s great for the younger crowd so parents won’t have to worry about scrapes and such. For such a small and simple product, The Nest is a pretty big deal and definitely worth carrying around.

The Nest

The Slack:

Most earbuds currently double as a microphone and remote for volume control and answering calls. Thus there’s an extended piece of plastic between the cord and the buds. Winding them up in The Nest, that piece sort of juts out and that kind of worries me that it might pierce through. It hasn’t happened yet but over time I feel it might. But I’d love to be wrong about this. The image below will give you an idea what I'm talking about as you can see the remote on the left side jutting out a bit.

The Nest

The Nest is available now and in multiple colors. If you’re looking for the perfect travel accessory that’ll eliminate the tangled wire mess from tossing your earbuds in your bag then you’ve got yourself a winner right here. Plus with Christmas close at hand, The Nest makes for the perfect gift and receives a 4.5 out of TOV 5 stars. Valkor Tested and Approved? Yes indeed!

The Nest

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The Nest Earphone Holder Review
The Bang: No more twisted wires!
The Slack: Watch out for your earbud remote
TOV 5 star rating: 4.5 stars

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