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CaseLogic TK Messenger Laptop Bag Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. And we only have a few more CES reviews to do before we call it an end (Heh who am I kidding). This time around, we’re going back to TechGear and our follow up with CaseLogic, who dropped on the Val-Cave the TK expandable messenger bag. And dare I say it, but is this the best bag I’ve ever used?

I’m like a woman when it comes to bags and no I don’t mean purses, but messenger bags, backpacks, and wheeled. Some I’ve gotten from CES, some I’ve gotten overseas, two I bought at anime shops (Naruto and Evangelion to be precise) and they were all good. But the TK messenger seems to fit my needs more so than any of those bags. Let’s dig in shall we. First it’s made of Nylon, and I love the lining, this helps to protect the insides from the rain. And NJ has had its share of bad weather. Inside we have a padded pouch for the laptop and in front of that another section for other items, which I use for books, magazines and My PSP (I don’t leave home without it). What puts the TK messenger bag over the top are the pockets. Pockets, and pockets, and more pockets!! Right in front of the padded pouch you have pockets and slots for pens, pencils, slots for business cards, one for your IPod, even a small dangling pouch for USB flashdrives. Wait I’m not done! Going back inside you have a net pocket. Outside you have a pocket on either side, one on the main flap and one at the back. This is sick, but I love it! Where was this bag when I was at CES, because believe me I could have used all those pockets.

Now comes the kicker. Did I mention it’s expandable? This helps more ways than one and here’s why. I had a situation where I loaned my PS2 to a friend, Hyoga, when he returned it I had no other way to carry the thing unless I pack it in the TK bag. With what I already had inside, PSP, a few mangas, a James Rollins book, and other items, I didn’t think the PS2 would fit. But thanks to the expandability of the bag, it did fit proper. So the expansion, a most need function of the TK bag.

To round out the TK messenger bag, you get an adjustable strap, which functions better than the strap on the Golla bag, as the bag rests below my hip rather than above it. The only drawback I found with the TK bag was the outside pocket is smaller than most messenger bags I’ve used. Its only function is to hold small items, or one pocket book, when I’m used to holding a bit more. One more article to discuss is the CaseLogic Pocket. This is simply a soft cushion pouch that can be used to hold an MP3, cellphone, or any small objects. It’s not bad, but I’m personally more drawn to the Golla Digi pouch. The CaseLogic TK Messenger bag goes for 99.99 and the Pocket runs for 9.99, which you can find by clicking the link above. If you’re looking for the perfect messenger bag for your daily needs then I highly recommend the TK Messenger, because you can never have enough pockets. Out of 5 stars the CaseLogic set gets 4.5 and it’s been Valkor tested and TOV approved.

Valkor out

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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CaseLogic TK Messenger Laptop Bag Review
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