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Wonder Woman Commemorative Edition Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. On June 2nd comic book fans will get to lay eyes on a film that’s been a long time coming – Wonder Woman in live-action form starring Gal Gadot. Gadot made her debut in the critically split film “Batman v Superman; I liked it, but it wasn’t as epic as I'd hoped it would be. However, DC/WB Entertainment are looking to not just celebrate the character's film debut but also take you on a journey throughout her 75 years of awesome, starting with a Blu-Ray combo pack special re-release of the characters solo animated outing – Wonder Woman Commemorative Edition.

Thankfully, Ap3x has already reviewed the film, and I stand by it as it conveys my thoughts exactly. And if you’d like to read his full review, you need only click [HERE]. But here are a couple of excerpts from the review that are totally relevant.

Wonder Woman CE

The film is given the triple combo treatment of Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital HD copy. On the Blu-Ray disc you get a bunch of features that are definitely worth the price of admission.

What Makes a Wonder Woman – Here we get a gathering of folks behind the animated film, the live-action film, as well as the comics discussing how iconic the character of Wonder Woman is, what she means to them and the world as a whole. In between the discussion we get a glimpse as to how the character has evolved over the years, brief cuts from the animated film as well as a look at the character and how she is portrayed in Batman v Superman as well as the upcoming live-action film.

Wonder Woman CE

Wonder Woman: A Subversive Dream – Similar to “What Makes a Wonder Woman”, this piece focuses on the creator of the character, his inspiration, and the characters effect in the era of her creation.

Wonder Woman: Daughter of Myth – explores the mythology behind the Wonder Woman character and supporting casts.

Wonder Woman CE

I’m surprised the 80s TV show or even an interview with Lynda Carter didn’t make it into any of the extras and I feel that is a missed opportunity. I grew up with the 80s show and it still stands out as some of the characters best adventures. Sure it was campy, but what series back then wasn't? Still, I would have loved to have seen at least a mention. What else would have been great would have been the inclusion of a Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited episode or two that were Wonder Woman specific. But to round out the set, you get new embossed box art, commentary by Bruce Timm, Gregory Noveck, Lauren Montgomery, and Michael Jelenic, a trailer for the 2017 live-action film, and a look at the next DC animated feature “Batman and Harley Quinn”.

Wonder Woman CE

The Good:

If you haven’t seen the 2009 animated film or if you’re looking to update your DC animated collection, then picking up the “Wonder Woman Commemorative Edition” is a no brainer. The film itself is a great origin story that stays true to the source material while keeping up with the maturity levels that hold strong against the current batch of DCAU films. And while you might come for the film, you’ll stay for the extras. And though I feel there were some missed opportunities, you’re still given some great insight into the character, the creators, and those whom the character has inspired. My favorite would have to be “What Makes a Wonder Woman” because it covers not only the past but also the present and gives us a glimpse into the future of the character. The “Batman and Harley Quinn” trailer is also a neat bonus because it isn’t just a trailer but a sweet behind the scenes look at the feature film, which I’m so looking forward to seeing (Kevin Conroy is boss!). I was expecting a bit more with the “Wonder Woman Commemorative Edition”, but what’s in the package is just enough to satisfy any fan of not just the character but also the DCAU.

Wonder Woman CE

The Bad:

DC/WB could have loaded a bit more onto the BD. Again, not having Lynda Carter or the 80s show even mentioned is a total fail. But there could have been some animated episode inclusions, or even notable comic book mention involving the character.

Wonder Woman CE

The Ugly:


Wonder Woman CE

The “Wonder Woman Commemorative Edition” is available now; and if you’re looking to take part of the characters 75th-anniversary celebrations, then definitely consider picking this one up. Not an intense amount of extras, but what’s on the disc covers a lot of ground and worth the watch. And the film itself is definitely worth watching, even if you've already seen it. And out of TOV 5 stars, I’m gonna give this set a bit of a bump and rate it a 4.5.

Wonder Woman CE

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Wonder Woman Commemorative Edition Review
The Good: Awesome re-release, extras
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