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Xtorm XW200 Wireless Power Bank Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. We’ve been doing a ton of coverage on portable battery packs and with good reason too as they’ve proven to be most essential in a pinch. The way portable devices drain with the quickness, especially when it’s in constant use, you’ll need something to give you that extra boost when you’re running low. Next up on the chopping block, is a portable pack from Xtorm and if you’re an owner of a Nexus product (I use a Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus 6), then the XW200 (10,000mAh) Qi Wireless Power Bank is just the pack you’re looking for.

Xtorm XW200

The XW200 is square, yet rounded on the edges, lightweight brick of a battery pack; on the outset, at the left side of the device is your power button, on the right are the LED indicator lights that lets you know how much power is left in the pack and at the top is your USB and microUSB ports. The bottom of the pack features rubber stops for resting the device on a desk or table without sliding. And finally, the front face of the XW200 features the Qi pad emblazoned the Xtorm logo.

If you’re familiar with the Power mat, well the concept is pretty much the same with the XW200, minus the add-on attachment; if your device is Qi enabled (as are most Nexus devices), then you simply need to match up the battery with the logo and a sound indicator will let you know when the two are in sync. The XW200 will also give the same alert when it’s complete. I took my Nexus 6 from a near complete and after almost two hours I was up and running. I could have gotten a much quicker charge if I plugged it in directly, but there are times I don’t have the adapter handy because I’ve either forgotten it or its being loaned out to someone.

Xtorm XW200

If your device isn’t capable of wireless charging or you’re not at a place where you can rest your device to charge, you have the option of the USB port for “plug and go”, with the USB port for any device, though it does come with a microUSB cable good for most Android devices as well as for charging the pack itself. Now, besides the Nexus lineup, there are plenty of other products out there that are compatible with the XW200, however others will need an adapter to make use of the pack. If you’d like to know if your device is compatible, just peep this list.

TOV has been around for some time now (12 years and counting). And of all the times I’ve toyed with wireless charging tech, this is the first time I've gotten to experience firsthand in the Val-cave. I have to say I enjoyed my time with the XW200 and look forward to checking out more along the same lines. For now let’s delve into the TOV Breakdown to see if Xtorm survived the cave run.

Xtorm XW200

The Bang:

If you’ve never tried wireless charging and currently own one of the latest phones that use Qi technology, then investing in the Xtorm XW200 would be a wise choice. It’s perfect for your desk or night stand where you can pick up your device when needed and simply place it back on the battery pack when you’re through, without having to fumble with a cord. And hey, you have a USB cord option should you require it. A HUGE plus is that the XW200 has enough capacity (10,000 mAh) to charge two devices at once; currently my Nexus 6 and 7 (tablet) are occupying the XW200, with the 6 taking up the wireless pad and the 7 with the cord. And it would appear that the XW200 is doing a fine job of distributing power evenly amongst the two. I mentioned above how long it takes to charge from near zero and while that might be slow for some, for others looking for a more casual charge, the XW200 works perfectly. Especially if you're at your desk or waiting for a flight, maybe just hanging out at a bar but you don't wanna annoy the Bartender to charge your gear. It's easily portable and when you're in chill mode, the four stops on the bottom assures the battery pack won't slip and slide. Plus the charge pad itself has a no-slip style grip to it so your device will rest easy without sliding all over the place if the pack is jostled. Finally, and this is my favorite feature of the XW200 – the standby time. I’ve had the XW200 tucked away in my messenger for a few days now and turning it back on, there’s still a ton of juice left to continue charging my device. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left a battery pack in my bag only to come back to it with little life left. With the XW200, that issue appears to have been solved, because this baby was ready to go right out the gate, with full bars blazing! I have to say, I was impressed. So for the price of admission (79 EUR, 85 USD), the Xtorm XW200 might seem like much, but given the wireless capabilities, I believe it’s a fair price.

Xtorm XW200

The Slack:

My one issue I had with the pack was turning it off – it never turns off right away. Leaving it on its own, it would automatically turn off. But pressing the power button or even holding it down for a few seconds didn’t do much of anything. It won't drain the battery as it'll automatically switch off, but I'd like some assurance it's off when I'm not using it.

Xtorm XW200

Xtorm’s XW200 Wireless charger is available now. And you can learn more about it or if you’re interested in purchasing one, by clicking that logo on the right. As far as power banks go, the XW200 ranks as one of the best by far. And out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving Xtorm XW200 Wireless Charger a 4.5 and it’s been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!

Xtorm XW200

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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Xtorm XW200 Wireless Power Bank Review
The Bang: Wireless charging, great on standby
The Slack: doesn't turn off straight away
TOV 5 star rating: 4.5 stars

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