12 Rounds Movie Review

So, Epic-1 back again with another WWe film this time starring John Cena. I know what you are thinking another Marine right well I’m here to say you’re all wrong. Now when I first showed up at the theater on Friday night and saw that my wife and I were the only ones in the theater I quickly called Valkor and said I think I got the wrong movie. I was really shocked; where is everybody? As the movie was about to start more people came in; but let me say it was definitely not what I expected. Where were all the wrestling fans? Where was the Cenation? The Chain Gang Soldiers? Well if you didn’t go see this and decided to go watch The Haunting in Connecticut, well I can tell you one thing you missed probably the best WWe film to date and "You Can’t See Me!!!!!"

12 Rounds Review

Now the movie starts with the FBI led by Special Agent George Aiken (Steve Harris) and Special Agent Ray Santiago (Gonzalo Menendez) who’re after a nearly untraceable internationally-known terrorist named Miles Jackson (Aidan Gillen). They lose him and ask for back up from local New Orleans police. Enter officer Hank Carver (Brian J. White) and Officer Danny Fisher (John Cena). While looking at a video sent to them of Miles they see a beautiful young lady in a car, Fisher realizes it’s Miles Jackson’s girlfriend Erica Kessen (Taylor Cole). They pull her over and the action starts with Carver getting shot in his ass (lol) and Fisher running on foot to catch them in there car.

12 Rounds Review

Fisher gets to a certain spot where he pushes a boat in front of them they crash but survive. Miles yells to Erica to run and she gets killed by a passing truck (damn what a way to go sucks to be her). Miles blames Fisher and so we fast forward one year later and Officer Carver and Fisher are now Detectives and Miles escapes from prison. Miles blows up Fisher’s house with the plumber inside, kidnaps his girlfriend Molly Porter (Ashley Scott) and invites Fisher to play a game of 12 Rounds. If he survives he gets Molly back and wins.

12 Rounds Review

The Good

I personally believe that this movie is better than The Marine but I also like The Marine. Aidan Gillen as Miles Jackson is a great intelligent villain and you just want to kick his ass the whole movie. Great action, explosions and a very good cast.

The Bad

Now the only thing that was bad was that there was too much moving around and if you get motion sickness or get dizzy very easy then this movie is not for you. Even my eyes were hurting from all the action and moving towards the end of the movie.

12 Rounds Review

The Ugly

The ugly is that this film will unfortunately not get a fair chance and it really should. I’m not saying it will be the best action movie of all time but it is a good action movie.

So in conclusion, give this movie a chance, you won’t be disappointed, won’t get fucked out of your money and on a side note rest in piece (I meant piece not peace you will see in the movie) Willie we barely new thee . I’m giving this movie a 4 out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!! Peace up out!!!!! THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!!

12 Rounds Review


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