Apogee Astro Drive 266X Flash Drive Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. If there's one thing the Val-Cave is never short of its memory; I remember the days when I used to scrounge what I could from my Packard Bell 210mb HDD; now that was rough. Today, gigs are being tossed about like candy, and you certainly won't hear me complain. Well the folks at Apogee have got you covered with some serious flash storage that's pretty fast and it looks cool too called the Astro Drive 266X Flash Drive.

Some quick specs on the Astro Drive 266X Flash Drive - first this bad boy touts read speeds of 41.4 MB per sec and a write speed of 29.5 MB per sec. What does that mean in layman's terms? It means you're gonna get optimal speed transferring data to and from the drive. I was given a 16gb (the drive comes in a 64GB as well) and for read testing I tossed at it two folders – one 6.8 gig file and the other 1.3 gigs. The 6.8 took approximately 7 minutes to transfer and the 1.3 too about 1:40, which ain't bad especially if you need to transfer huge chunks when you're in a hurry (and honestly, I sometimes do). As far as read speed goes, and without going into detail, I replayed a movie file from the drive (1.3 GB to be precise hehehehe) and it replayed pretty smoothly, with no lag or interrupts.

Apogee Astro Drive 266X

Finally the Astro Drive comes in a shock resistant aluminum casing so dropping it from not so extreme falls won't damage the innards, protecting your data. It supports USB 2.0 specs and can be used with most computers with Windows or MAC OSes enabled. And did I mention that it looks good too? I'm switchin things up and going the Alacran route!

The Bang:

If you want speed, you'll get speed and this baby is pretty fast. If you're like me, the kind of guy who likes to take his media on the go without bringin the house (i.e. laptop or desktop) or transferring data to disc (which can be a headache if anything goes wrong), the Astro Drive is completely capable of handling your large files with ease. I also love the sleek design of the casing; normally a company releases a fatty drive, when plugged into my laptop tends to overtake other USB ports that I need. But with the Astro Drive I need not worry as it pops in and out with ease, without hogging all the ports to itself.

The Slack:


If you need hardcore protection for example encryption and such, you might wanna look elsewhere; this is for the casual user only or those with the need to move things quickly. Overall I'm impressed with Apogee's Astro Drive 266X Flash Drive and adding it to Val-Cave circulation when transferring data from one storage area to the next and it just looks so damn cool. So out of TOV 5 stars I give it a 5 a TOV perfect and it's been Valkor tested and TOV approved.