• Batman Arkham City NYC Premiere Event

Hey folks, Valkor here. By the time you read this should be eyeballs deep in Warner Interactive and Rocksteady Studios latest Batman video game outing - Batman Arkham City, wher ethe caped crusader is no longer confined within the realms of Arkham Asylum. This round he has all of Gotham City to play with. And with a bigger playground comes more villains such as Two-Face, Penguin, Zsas, The Calender Man, and even... Hush? So with a bigger playground and more villains, Batman has a lot on his plate, but he won't go it all alone; along for the ride this time around will be Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing make appearances, of course he will have Oracle assist and other surprise characters make appearances. Most anticipated game of the year? Hells to the yea!!

Here in NYC, TOV got the chance to hang at the premiere of the games release complete with Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, comic book artist and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee, and Rocksteady Studio's game director Sefton Hill as well as other Rocksteady members who were along for the ride to help usher in this extraodinary title. Select fans walked away with some cool swag which included autographed copies of the game as well as posters and other items they could get Jim, Sefton, and Kevin to sign. And to really top off the event - Batman Arkham City Cookies... yea! Former TOVer, Ghosthead got the chance to experience the first game - Batman Arkham Asylum (5 star perfect), I don't see how the game could score any lower (is six stars a possibility or is that insane?). In any case I hope you're all enjoying the game or about to and in between gameplay check out some sweet pics and vids from the event, plus an interview from this past weekend's New York Comic Con (NYCC).

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