• Cellular Phonebook Backup Pal Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. I’m still on the CES 2008 kick, and if you’ve followed me in the previous years, you’ll know it will be like this for the next couple of months. This next piece of tech, I received while JayDub and I were walking the show floor on the final day of the big show. We ran into this gentleman who was hyping his own product sans booth. Literally he was working out of a decorative box on wheels, but don’t let looks deceive you, he’s walking around with gold. GOLD I tell ya! Introducing a piece of work you won’t wanna leave your house without, the Cellular Phonebook Backup Pal.

This little cylinder object doesn’t look like much, but when I say you don’t wanna leave the house without it, you really don’t wanna leave the house without it. I’ve made it a point to insure my Backup Pal is with me before I take any journey. Has this ever happened to you: Have you ever dropped your phone? Lost it? Screen breaks? Bought a new phone and you wanna transfer all your contacts from the old to the new? Or just out of frustration you toss your phone? Now imagine all your phone contacts that you didn’t write down, gone! Of course there are other backup options, but you may not have one at the moment the incident occurs and BOOM! In one fell stroke, all your contact information was just wiped out like the Jedi in Revenge of the Sith. Well with the Backup Pal, you can do your back up on the fly and you won’t have to worry about your info because if anything does happen to your cellphone, your contacts will be safely stored within the confines of Backup Pal.

Cellular Phone Book Back-up Pal

I did my own test, where I deleted all my contacts. I know risky move but I do anything for you lovely readers out there. Even risk losing all my contacts from my job, home and web life. First I insured my connection was set to USB and Back up Pal was plugged into its adapter. I proceeded to plug my phone to the BP and with a push of a button my contact info was being stored. You can tell with the flashing yellow lights, which then switched to a solid green that let me know it was finished. Now came the big jump, yea it freaked me out to do it but in the end I wiped out my entire contact list. Once that’s done, I proceed to plug the phone back into BP and pray…

And what do you know… It worked!

I’ll be damned if all my contact info was returned intact. Not only did it return all my phone numbers, it replaced them in their appropriate spot. Some numbers I had saved on my SIM and some were saved to the phone. Kudos Backup Pal.

The Good

First it’s small and won’t take up too much space in your messenger, canvas bag, purse or backpack. It’s a little heavy but nothing that’s distracting. The great thing about Back Up Pal is that it works and it works great. It’s very simple to use and everything is appropriately labeled so that even idiots such as me can figure it out. Plus on the back is a ledger so you’ll know how to read the blinking lights. The whole process takes but a minute to connect to the phone and about a minute to two minutes to restore all my contacts. Not bad.

The Bad

Not too much bad. But my initial first look of the product I thought it had an onscreen display. But alas it was not to be. Next incarnation may have one plus, when I spoke to the rep he said in the future it will be able to backup all your photos, ringtones and such. Believe me once you add up how much one pays for ringtones, you’ll definitely need a Backup Pal.

The Ugly


Kudos goes out to Backup Pal for making it as an essential device, here in the Val-cave. I wish I had it when my Razr Black dropped and the screen did break. It took a month just to get all my numbers back. Now that I’m all backed up I won’t have to worry much with my current phone. Retails for 49.99, hopefully that comes down a tad, but I think it’s worth the price for piece of mind such as what the device offers. The BP comes in a variety of flavors, specific to your phone or you can just purchase the tip.So you'll be covered no matter what. So out of 5 stars I’m gonna give the Backup Pal 4 stars. Definitely something you folks will wanna check out. Backup Pal has been Valkor tested and TOV approved.