Bloomingbuds Review

Hey folks, Valkor here and we’re post-CES unveiled, but pre-CES the big show. Sorry we didn’t post anything about the show itself, but mostly it was the weakest of the unveils that I’ve attended. But I do give the show credit this year as their on point with showcasing new technology from new companies and while this next piece doesn’t showcase tech, it’s still tech-related and will make your ears look good, while your listening to some good tunes. Enter: Blooming Buds.


Blooming buds are decorative attachments that snap just behind the earpiece of earbuds. You simply choose the style you want and pop them in. While you’re on your commute, out jogging, or enjoying a day at the beach, Blooming buds lets you personalize your ear style. Feeling dark? Go with skulls. Out on a run? Lighting bolts! Feeling mellow? How about a peace sign? Or what if you’re feeling patriotic? Snap in the American flag. Because right out the pack you get two sets of buds (additional buds can be purchased separately), you can mix and match as you choose. When I spoke with the creator of blooming buds about picking up licensing logos such as a comic book or Disney type stuff, he states it’s in the works. And I hope so as their some real potential. Sure it’s something simple, but it works and it’s a lot of fun for kids and adults. Speaking of adults, look for Bloomingbuds for your Bluetooth earpiece and sunglasses as well.


And now onto our main event.

The Good

Your initial set of Bloomingbuds comes with two sets of buds plus earbuds. As far as earbuds go, these rank higher than the Creative or JVC buds that I’ve been given or purchased and tossed away. As far as the Blooms go, they are definitely pleasing and I got some questions and stares as I was out and about. I can see this as a new fad where kids will exchange Blooms with their classmates, film companies can hand em out as promotional items, hell once TOV finalizes our logo I’ll want it on a Bloom. That’s how cool they are.


The Bad

While the Bloomingbuds are a fun product, it’s does take some getting used to putting the earbuds in your ear when you have an attachment that can pop off. And they will. But let me just say that once they’re in, they are in. Also the cord tends to tangle quite easily when compared to most earbuds. I find the gel style buds don’t tangle as much, so the creators might want to look in this direction.


The Ugly


If you’re looking to bring a little style to your listening, then take a gander at Bloomingbuds. Not only do they make your ears look good, they sound good too. Out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving Bloomingbuds 4 and they’ve been Valkor tested and TOV Approved.


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