• Bose QuietComfort 3 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The final component to the Val-Cave is well on its way and things are startin to look right around here at TOV. That was until I got to try out the latest from the people at Bose. Their new QuietComfort 3 noise cancelling headphones just don’t cut it with me.

Let’s start out with the look. The QC 3 has that standard over the head style so there’s nothing ground breaking there. Hey if it’s not broken, don’t fix it right. However I find the behind the skull headphones are a bit easier on the noggin and just feel more comfortable. What I give it plus points to, is how they feel; so very, very soft! Comfort is the key word and the QC 3’s have got comfort locked.

Bose QuietComfort 3

But how they sound is where we hit the brakes and screech to a halt. I would have thought with a name like Bose they would sound awesome. I’m talking when I turn on my PSP, Zen, or plug em into my laptop, I thought I would be totally enveloped by sound. But I get a mish mesh from device to device. On the PSP it doesn’t sound well at all. Everything is ok when it comes to listening to Mp3’s, gaming it actually sounds kinda good but not as great as I’d hope. The Zen comes across a bit better as songs are a bit clearer sounding. Plugging the QC 3’s into my laptop gave me the best results. Music, movies, gaming, everything was like wow. It’s not completely immersing but they come close.

The biggest drawback to the QC 3’s has to be the noise canceling. No wait scratch that, the noise canceling works and does a great job blocking out sound from around you while keeping in all the good stuff. What sucks is you actually have to turn on the noise cancelling to hear anything. I have had 3 pairs of noise-canceling and all three make so you can listen to whatever with or with noise cancelling. So why is it that I have to actually turn these on just to listen to hear anything?

Come on Bose you guys are better than this. I know you are. I’ve heard the wave radios and I know they sound aweseome. So the headphones should be right up there I would think. The QC 3’s come in it’s own case with separate cord and rechargleable battery for the noise cancelling that plug right into the headphones. No more having to buy batteries for the NC. While I love how they feel, I don’t really care for how they sound. I say try before you buy. The QC 3 Retails at 349.99.