• CES 2011 Events

Hey folks, Valkor here. CES isn't just about the latest technology. For those of us who make the Vegas trek, we're given the opportunity to shake the dust off the day of trekkin the floor and party our asses off. Finding a CES after party is easy, if you know where to look. I prefer the Thomas PR Party List, which is continuously updated with the latest event. Or you can use the old standard – ask around, though I find that there are some who would rather hold on to that information for fear they're letting out some deep, dark secret (or they wanna hog the open bars to themselves). With that in mind, let's take a gander at some of the events I was in attendance of; each one was a blast though one stands above all. Check it out. Props go out to 2D-X for hangin with a brotha, you guys made the trip that much more eventful.

First up is the Futurelooks party held at the Palms Hotel, lead up by three companies – Zalman, Zotac, and Kingston. This event not only gave the companies the chance to show off their finest wares, but made for a great networking opportunity. The suite was small, but very cozy, with an open bar and an assortment of finger foods. On top of that there was a DJ pumpin out the cool beats and a pool table making the event that much more leisurely. To complete the event, there were prizes to be won and a goody bag handed out as you left. Out of a TOV 5 star rating, I give the event a 4, even though it was a journey just to get to the place (Cross the might casino, turn right till you enter the tube of light, once past take another right until you reach your goal), it was still loads of fun. And I learned that Jack and Cranberry juice do not mix.

Next up is the "It Won't Stay In Vegas" party held at the Atomic Museum. Though some companies were showin off wares such as Monster and Sony (and I believe there was a BlackBerry table), this event was more like a social gathering and networking opportunity. And on top of it all you get to hang with Andy Dick, though that's a step down from last year's Levar Burton Brent Spiner combo. The settings for the venue, was more spacious than the Futurelooks gathering, serving up equal amounts of food and drink, with more people in attendance, with some gaming action tossed in (congrats to Magus on winning a new PS3, which came just in time as his old one received the YLOD). Overall, it was a more comfortable familiar event that I hope to make a part of my yearly staple of events. Out of 5 stars, I gotta give this event a 4.5.

HTC threw a swinging shindig at Pure over in Caesar's Palace. Talk about everything and the kitchen sink, this party was filled with two floors of dinner, drinks, your very own hand-rolled cigar, outdoor terrace (need a place to smoke that goodness), live music, and a spa. Plus artist Damion was perusing the floor selecting vict…. Ooops I mean partygoers for a doodle drawing. I still can't believe I heard an acoustic version of "Single Lady", but honestly it wasn't that bad. Overall this HTC gets a 5 for having the complete package. (sorry no pics of the event as my camera had already gone kaput!)

But Monster deserves top honors for their event held in the Paris hotel – a concert featuring none other than Earth, Wind, and Fire with special guest Stevie Wonder. I don't think anyone, other than the folks workin the party, knew he was gonna be there. And when he stepped out, the room exploded (including yours truly). I must point out that I got in at the tail end of the event, but it just seemed the perfect time as at that time EWF were playing their best songs. (I wonder if they sang Magnetic? Lol). Having EWF with a full on orchestra gives the event 5 stars, but Stevie wonder makes it a 5+.