• Laura Cheadle @ Baggot Inn

Hey folks, Valkor here. What do you get when you cross the voices of Norah Jones, Sade? You get Laura Cheadle. Now what if you take that an add the sexyness of Jessica Rabbit (Not as a whole, but that one scene in the film where she sings that song) and cross that with Cameron Diaz’s ass shakin action from Charlie’s Angel? You get Laura Cheadle, performing her sexy off at Baggots Inn this past weekend. With me were Jaydub and crew and we converged onto NYC.

I came across Cheadle’s work through Myspace and I was instantly hooked on her song “Perfect Design”. Damn that is the SEXIEST song I have ever heard. OMG I’ll admit I had to rub one out after hearing the song for the 50th time. So when I saw she was performing locally I snagged a few buds and made my way to the show.

Baggot Inn was a bit small, a lot dark, but a pretty sweet place for hanging out. We were able to snag some seats up front and off to the left of the stage, which was good and bad at the same time. Good because we got a perfect view of Cheadle’s ass shakin, bad because we sat right on top of a speaker. Not a joy to the ears especially when guitars are riffin seriously. Also by the time Laura got on stage, it was wall to wall people.

So what about the show? DAAAAAAAAMN it was good. The most fun I had in quite a long time. Ok it wasn’t Cori Yarckin good, she really worked the crowd during her show and it’s overall fun. But then fun is her type of music, Laura Cheadle’s sound is different. It’s sexy, its seductive, it’s funkaaaay. And she really knows how to shake that ass, and I mean she really, really, really knows how to shake that ass. Not just shakin, but gyrating and pumping those hips as if she were riding a….. ahem….. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on by a performance…. Ever! If my camera was working properly, I’d have some video. But wow, ass everywhere.

But you guys must be asking, Damn Val enough with the ass, can she sing live or is she another SWV? (Ya know they sound good recorded but when they sing live, Ugh-trocious?). Hell yea Laura can sing live. With a mix of her own original songs (including Perfect Design) she did a cover of Stevie Wonder and a few other funk and blues songs. I loved every song, enjoyed every second she was on stage and daaaaaamn the night went by so damn quick.

This won’t be the last TOV will be hearing from Laura Cheadle, not by a long shot. We’re hoping we can nail that ass down for an interview and also I wanna review her CD as I was too quick to leave that I forgot to buy one (my bad). But if you wanna get familiar with her music, check her out on Myspace and also if she’s in your neck of the woods, please do catch a show. You will not be disappointed. Finally before I forgot I wanna give mad props to the bad, who was on fire!! You guys rawk! Stay cool!